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Golden Opportunity Lost


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Yea, we blew a golden opportunity yesterday. We could have been setting 4-1, alone in first place, and 1-1 in divisional play. We played an Eagle team that had a slew load of starters missing, and yet we still couldn't take advantage of things. I mean, half of their secondary was missing, and still we didn't do any damage until there were 10 seconds left in the game. It's a real shame. We played two good minutes of football, and almost sent the game into overtime. Coles was wide open to boot. Ramsey just picked a bad time to be off target. I guess you can't blame the kid. Hell, he's getting hit on every play. I am just chringing right now thinking about nexts weeks game against the Bucs. I just hope Pat makes it out of that one standing. If our putrid pass protection dosen't improve, Ramsey will never make it 16 games. He's one tough cookie, but he isn't superman. I give him alot of credit for the way he handles himself through all the beatings he is taking. Any other QB would probably be ****ing a little more at the lack of protection.

We have a decent team this year, but not a great one. We just can't keep making the same mistakes every week. First our protection breaks down, and then the motion penalties start, and then we are facing third and longs out the as*. It's pretty tough to overcome these mistakes against good teams. Until we get these problems solved, we are destined to come up a little short. Yea, it might be enough to beat teams like the Jets and Falcons, but the Giants and Eagles are much different. The division is still wide open, but we have dug ourselves a hole. 0-2 isn't the way to start out divisional play. The Cowboys are a much improved team. The Giants and Eagles are established winners. Our schedule dosen't cut us any breaks at all. It will be an uphill battle the rest of the way.

A golden opportunity was lost yesterady for sure. It will be interesting to see how this team holds up against last years Super Bowl champs. Right now I don't see us winning this game. I would be happy just to see Ramsey come out of this one alive. Sapp and company will present quite a problem for our porus offensive line. Our defense will have to be on top of their game for us to have a chance of upsetting Tampa, because I don't see us scoring over 17-20 points. I might be wrong, but that's the way I see it right now. What's some of you guys feeling on the upcoming game with the Bucs? Give me some good news, because I don't see any right now!

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I think your being a little hard on Dockery considering we have two pro bowl caliber tackles that are comitting the same mistakes for five straight weeks now. Sammuals and Jansen are just as much to blame. I have never seen two tackles called for motion penalties as much as these two have been this season. Dockery had a very good game last week. I expect mistakes from rookies, but not from pro bowlers. At least Jimoh didn't see the field. If anyone was a joke, it was Jimoh. He was burned twice in two weeks, and responded by saying he needed more game time to get comfortable. Get real!

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