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Some Poor Statements By Skins This Week Prophetic


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1. LaVar Arrington: 'we are going to Philly to collect rent'

The Eagles instead came to the door with a bat and refused to pay the Redskins anything.

How many big plays did we see from #56 today?

2. Regan Upshaw: 'we have had a lot of personal foul penalties and I haven't even been out there very much up till now'.

Well, Regan, thanks, you definitely made your presence felt with your stupid play to allow the Eagles to sustain their drive and win the game today.

Feel great about yourself and your style of play? no wonder you have been on 3 or 4 other teams :mad:

Could you imagine a player under Allen or Gibbs saying something this dumb to the media? or indeed either coach having such a dumb player on their teams?

3. Jon Jansen: 'it's not just the line but all of the players that have to come together to avoid the kinds of miscues that lead to the penalties we have had'.

Really? How is Laveranues Coles responsible for you false starting 2 or 3 times per contest?

How is Trung Canidate responsible for guys inside being beaten even when they have double team support?

And the ultimate...............

4. Steve Spurrier: ' about the penalties. we are going to continue to encourage our players to play smart and not make these mistakes'

From watching the NFL for the past 30 years since 1971-2, the only way I have seen successful coaches 'encourage' their players is to kick them in the ass when they are making the same mistakes over and over again.

Evidently, Spurrier thinks a positive attitude and a 'go get 'em next week' mentality is all that is needed.

That would be fine if it were ONLY the rookies and second year guys making all the mistakes :)

Instead it is veterans like Jansen, Samuels, Upshaw, Trotter........that in past weeks have made critical errors.

How do you reach these guys?

Parcells by all accounts was able to get malingering Cowboys players off the training table and out on the field in a few short weeks of being in charge. I wonder how he did it? :)

Any guesses?

The Redskins have run out of excuses about needing time to come together.

Already teams such as New England and Tennessee have lost starting players by the bushel and yet they don't seem to suffer these kinds of mass breakdowns each week trying to line up and play.

Again, it is not the 3-2 record I am concerned about.

It is the fact the team hasn't really seemed to improve and correct any of its mistakes since the opener.

It is the same team now it was then, more than a month ago.

Where is the 'coming together' that Jansen and Spurrier are talking about?

You would think 7 or 8 year veterans would have enough intelligence not to take a swing at somebody or knock them down near a ref at the end of the game to cost the team a chance to win.

But evidently I am too much of an optimist :evil:

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The team never cost itself a chance to win.

We were in the game until ramsey overthrew an open coles. Maybe we never should have been in that position, but to point to any play before that point to say that it "cost the team a chance to win" is factually and demonstrably innacurate.

This team was in it until the end, whether it deserved to be or not.


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sorry, DB, I have seen enough 3 and 4 point losses by Norv's teams over the years to know that the final point differential doesn't always correlate to where you are headed as a franchise.

just because it ended 27-25 should not obstruct our view of an offense that did very little for over 3 quarters, an offense that depended on one big play from Trotter to keep the team in the game.

again, what is this team working on during the week if they can't find a way to compromise scheme/audibles/talent to make the unit more efficient and able to operate without crippling repeat mistakes and critical errors?

if this was strictly a talent issue as it was last year with David Loverne and Wilbert Brown I could understand it.

That is not the case.

This is strictly an issue of 'want to' and I don't have much patience for guys that don't WANT to play under control and disciplined.

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DUDE, what are you talking about?????????? We are holding ground against the Eagles O and Upshaw gives a late hit with under 7 mins left in the 4th to keep their drive alive and lead to a TD by Westbrook. Doeckery, Jansen and Samuels all gave up huge hits to Ramsey they also put us in third and MILES long situations that left us doomed. Take away those penalties and the score is MUCH MUCH different.

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yep, take away all the miscues, errors, dumb penalties and turnovers and the Skins would be 5-0 and on their way to 16-0 :)

go back to 1997 or 2000 and look up all the close losses that the Norv Skins had.

tell me if those teams finally learned how to win from those experiences or whether they merely continued to play close games they lost to good teams?

it is not just whether you win or lose, but HOW your team is playing.

today the Redskins were not as in this game as the score indicated.

through 3 quarters the Skins were being outplayed. the offense had 24 yards rushing. Ramsey had been hit and the younger defensive backs for the Eagles had managed to stay alive.

this game reminded me a lot of the Giants game. same mistakes, same penalties, same turnovers.

shame to say it doesn't appear that we have learned a lot from that loss.

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Thing is dog, we will always have these penalties. There are good teams who commit many penalties. See or example the bucs. We will never be a team (under spurrier) who plays fundamentally sound football. The sooner you get over that the better for your sake. We take lots of risks. Sometimes that puts us out of position and we commit penalties. Sometimes we don't. Take up the panthers as your second favorite team. You might like john fox.

The facts however are that we were int his game until the final seconds. Whether or not we SHOULD have been ahead by more is a little irrelevant.


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DB I don't buy it.

Trotter's or Upshaw's 15 yard flags aren't part of any 'scheme' oriented risk-taking :)

Neither is Gardner and McCants consistently being called for holding down the field on pass plays...........

I have been watching pro football too long to be convinced that you are going to win a lot of games making twice as many mistakes as your opponents.

Yes, you can point to teams like the old Oakland Raiders that had a penchant for playing rough and taking penalties.

But those teams had superior talent, which the Redskins do not.

And a lot of those penalties were purposeful, meant to intimidate and take other players out of their games.

I don't see the false start penalties and holding calls as having that positive effect for the Skins on their opponents :laugh:

If Spurrier doesn't find a way to cut down on the mistakes and protect Ramsey better, he won't be successful long-term.

That may sound harsh but it is based on a long history of experience.

Of watching both SB coaches and guys that were in and out in a couple of years.

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Originally posted by DrunkenBoxer

The team never cost itself a chance to win.

We were in the game until ramsey overthrew an open coles. Maybe we never should have been in that position, but to point to any play before that point to say that it "cost the team a chance to win" is factually and demonstrably innacurate.

This team was in it until the end, whether it deserved to be or not.


You're wrong.

I guess you missed the Gardner hit in the back, the 6 (or 8) false starts, the Giants game.

I guess we'll just call you the optimist.

The bottomline is that our coaching staff is still a collegiate coaching staff. They just don't get it. As I said in mid-game post, we have enough talent these days to NOT ony beat the opponent, we can actually survive our coaching staff.

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

Its simple with mistakes. Players know the damn rules. They know you cant push a guy in the back, they know you gotta wait for the ball to be snapped. These guys have been doing it since HS and the rules aren't different. Its an attitude among players that creates a disciplined team. Are we tough enough to play as Spurrier says "within the rules" I dont see why this team isn't

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Perhaps SOS should take a cue from Parcells and just walk out.... just walk off the damn field when our overpriced OL (especially Samuels and Jansen) commit stupid, stupid false start penalties 8 times in one game. These guys need to be humiliated. I'd love to see a huge make shift blanket sign with something derogatory about Samuels and Jansen on display at FedEx this weekend.

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