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Random Funny ARTICLES Not Worth Their Own Thread


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Image of distant star posted by top scientist was actually a piece of CHORIZO


A CRAFTY French scientist has tricked people into believing a slice of chorizo sausage was a distant star snapped in space.


Étienne Klein, 64, pulled off the trick on Twitter to make people aware of fake news on social media.


He made out the burning red image was taken by the new James Webb Telescope, which has revealed some jaw-dropping shots of late.




The prankster claimed that the photo showed Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, and said it was located 4.2 lightyears away.


But it was all a huge hoax.


"This level of detail," he tweeted.


"A new world is revealed day after day."


The post was liked and retweeted thousands of times by users who blindly assumed the top scientist would post nothing but the truth.


He eventually admitted that the photo was actually Spain's national sausage, after some questioned the authenticity.


Click on the link for the full article

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Owner is trying to give away ‘cursed fridge’ that ‘houses’ stepmother’s soul


It’s chilling . . . in more ways than one.


A “free fridge” offer comes with a catch: The kitchen appliance is likely haunted, the owner warns.


“My stepmother had a heart attack on our kitchen floor in the middle of an electrical storm, and her soul was transferred into the computer unit of our smart fridge,” says the poster, which was distributed around London.




And apparently the stepmother “talks” to them.


“She has been subtly undermining me ever since, commenting on how many slices of cheese I’ve eaten, or whether I’ve properly put the lid back on something,” they claim.


The owner held out for a while and then decided they had had enough, according to South West News Service.


“I’m starting to feel it is completely unreasonable that she’s decided to live in our fridge, judging me on my culinary decisions,” according to the poster. “She has to go.”


Click on the link for the full story

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So, supposedly these cows moved into a house for a month, their owner was looking for them all that time, and nobody knew where they were? Did they bring their food with them when they escaped too?

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Some people are so stupid I wonder how they manage to feed themselves.


Fact check: Chihuahuas are dogs, not large rats


The claim: Chihuahua are not dogs but a type of large rodent. 

A screen grab of a Google search appeared June 17 on Facebook that wonders about Chihuahuas. The post by user Nicole Misita says, "DNA study finds chihuahuas aren't dogs ... However, it was more of a surprise to find that some breeds are not even dogs. Among other findings the analysis determined that Chihuahua is actually a type of large rodent, selectively bred for centuries to resemble a canine." 


The screen grab included a date in 2004. 


Snopes debunked this in a post from March 18, 2007.


"More than a few people have noted similarities in appearance between Chihuahuas and rats, so much so that the Chihuahua is frequently mentioned in a well-traveled urban legend (familiarly known as the Chihuahua 'Mexican Pet') which involves a hapless tourist’s mistaking a large rat for that breed of small dog."


Click on the link for the full story

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'Time traveller from 2090' warns of 'worst hurricane in history' in coming days


A 'time traveller' from 2090 has claimed the "worst hurricane in history" is set to rip through the coast in the coming days.


Kim Windell Necos, who claimed to be from 68 years in the future, said the devastating storm would hit South Carolina, US in a few days' time on Sunday, August 14.


The time traveller took to her Time Travel Facebook group and said the extreme weather event would lead to the loss of "many lives" on the east coast.


The Daily Star reported her predictions have led to one time-travel believer naming her "the chosen one".


Kim wrote: "Warning everyone I'm a time traveller from the 2090.


"On August 14 2022, the worst hurricane in history hits South Carolina this will be first ever category.


"6 hurricanes with wind speeds of over 250mph know as "the first one" it causes billions in damage and many people lose their lives [sic]. Be safe everyone."


The scary message was shared onto the Facebook group, Time Travel, which has almost 30,000 members — several all of whom have responded to the bold claims.


Click on the link for the full story


Meanwhile in the Atlantic...




Must be one of them there invisible hurricanes.

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Intoxicated bear rescued after eating hallucinogenic honey in Turkey


Officials in Turkey said a young brown bear was rescued after being found disoriented and intoxicated from consuming a large amount of hallucinogenic honey.


The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said the bear was found disoriented in Duzce Province on Thursday and was captured by wildlife officials.




The bear was examined by veterinarians and found to be intoxicated after ingesting a large amount of honey made from the nectar of an indigenous species of rhododendron.


The honey, known as "mad honey," contains grayanotoxin, a neurotoxin that produces hallucinogenic effects when consumed by mammals.


The ministry said the bear is in good health and will eventually be returned to the wild. It asked social media users to help come up with a name for the intoxicated bear.




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On 12/26/2019 at 8:23 PM, China said:


And the annual update:


What Did We Get Stuck in Our Rectums Last Year?


America continues to lead—and to innovate.




Meanwhile in Iran:


Constipated bloke had water bottle stuck up his bum but was too scared to tell his wife


An embarrassed bloke who was taken to A&E by his wife for constipation and severe pain received a simple diagnosis – he’d had a huge bottle of water stuck up his backside for three days.


The Iranian man was rushed to hospital suffering from anorexia, abdominal pain and not being able to do number-twos.


But the patient, 50, who had a history of depression, knew what the root cause was – he just hadn’t fessed up to his missus because he was embarrassed and frightened of her, according to a Clinical Case Report




Click on the link for the full article

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On 8/12/2022 at 12:14 PM, China said:


Another time traveler:


'Time traveller' from 2906 claims zombie pig will escape lab and spread virus in 2022


A self-proclaimed time traveller who says that they are from the year 2906 has made some bold claims about the next few months, including a zombie pig virus.


From humans receiving superpowers to a world located inside earth being discovered, it appears we're in for a busy winter. The time traveller - who happens to run a TikTok account with more than 76,000 followers - has also claimed that US president Joe Biden will leave office this year.


Click on the link for more of the nonsense

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Russia’s Rocket-Toting Robot Dog Is Chinese, For Sale On Alibaba


A ‘robot dog’ armed with an anti-tank rocket launcher installed on its back was shown off today at Russia’s “Army 2022” arms expo. While this was intended to show off Russia's state of technology among its peers, the strangely shrouded robotic dog appears to be a Chinese type that is available for purchase for a few grand on Alibaba's Aliexpress.com – a similar example of which emerged recently online armed with a submachine gun.



Click on the link for more

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The best part is when the one idiot tries to pet it


like it’s out there looking for affection 

On 8/14/2022 at 7:54 PM, China said:




this is a great story


there was a time where stories like this happened and it ended with people rewarding the intelligence, and excusing the prank


and then suddenly the answer was to put these people in prison and labor them as computer criminals. Ruining their lives and for what - to save embarrassment? Act as a deterrent? To further someone’s career?


glad to see people had some sense in this one. 

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Scared beachgoers call police over 'murdered woman' as sex doll washes up on sand


Shocked beachgoers were left horrified and in need of police assistance after a "murdered woman" washed up on the shores of a beach.


Panicked locals reported what they believed was a corpse to law enforcement, after a young woman was believed to have been killed and eventually washed up on the beach.




The beach in the Bang Saen district of Chonburi, eastern Thailand, had quite the scare as paramedics and police raced to the scene of what they believed was a murder case.


But it turned out that the eerily real-looking body was in fact a silicone sex doll which had fooled dozens into believing there was a real emergency.




Click on the link for the full story

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Why Are People Icing Their Testicles?


Bros have tried many shocking if not borderline-questionable things in an effort to improve their health. There are those who expose their testicles to red light, and others who sun their genitals. Now, some are choosing to chill out, literally. 


Health enthusiasts and biohackers are icing their testicles with ice packs and cold showers, believing that doing so helps increase testosterone levels and sperm quality, boosts energy and sex drive, and improves sleep quality.


The practice is based on the idea that excessive heat in the groin area is bad for testosterone production and sperm health. 


According to Lye Diwa, a urologist based in the Philippines, testicles hang outside and separate from the rest of the body because they function better at a temperature lower than the body’s normal temperature. Warmer temperatures in the groin area tend to produce “less ideal” sperm, in terms of morphology and mobility.


People who ice their balls believe that cooling the testicles is a good way to boost testosterone and sperm, but nobody can say for sure that this actually works. 


Click on the link for the full article

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'Dear Sirs, May I make a complaint?' Letters from another century are humorous and also candid


A 1930s musical soundtrack fades down and a group of actors begin taking turns behind a microphone at the Shea Theater in Turners, Falls, Massachusetts, reading complaint letters from almost a hundred years ago.


They were written by customers of Montgomery Ward, a full-service mail-order catalog — the Amazon of its time — and brought to life by Evan Gregg, whose family, he said, never throws anything out.


"Dear Mister Ward" — the title of the performance as well as the book of collected missives it's based on — tells the stories of people who lived in a time between two world wars, in mostly rural parts of the country.


They used the Montgomery Ward catalog to buy what they likely couldn't find locally, Gregg said, like sturdy boots, tractors, fashionable clothes, toys and car parts.


Such was the case for M.P. McIntyre, who wrote to Montgomery Ward from Great Falls, Montana.


“Dear sir, I have tried every way I know how to make the horse collar you sent me work on my Model T Ford, but it don't [sic] seem to fit quite right," McIntyre wrote. "Am returning at your expense. And will you kindly send me the carburetor at the same time and price, which is, after all, what I ordered in the first place.”


The letters were collected by Gregg's grandmother, Verna Gregg, who worked in the complaint department at Montgomery Ward for 10 years, starting in 1932.


She saved dozens of them, Gregg said. People wrote to say they received the wrong item, or something didn't fit. One letter complained something was broken, even years after it was purchased.


He's not sure why his grandmother saved these specific letters.


“I always knew she had a wicked sense of humor and was always interested in the stories of other people," Gregg said. "I'm not sure if she had a historical context in mind or just some cheap laughs at dinner parties.”


A letter signed A.W.W. may have been among the cheap laughs.


"Dear Sirs, may I make a complaint? Here is the scratchy problem," the letter began. "It seems that the paper in your general catalog is getting harder, stiffer, glossier, more polished, and less absorbent in every issue that you put out. Why is this?”


If you only knew, the letter continues, how people use the catalog after its intended usefulness has been achieved. A.W.W. wondered why the catalog couldn’t “serve two useful and pleasant purposes?”


It's evident from a recorded interview with Verna Gregg, before she died in 1990, that she was proud to work at Montgomery Ward.


“I found that when you got a complaint, that Montgomery Ward's would really turn over backward to have a satisfied customer,” Verna Gregg said.


She went on to describe a letter from someone whose engagement had been called off.


“[The letter said] he'd bought an engagement ring and his girl broke up with him and so he had to return the engagement ring," Verna Gregg said on the recording.


“The short of it,” went the actual letter, “is that I have no use for an engagement ring when I am not engaged and do not anticipate any such action for some time. The gal and I can't make a go of it, so I'm looking for other diversions.”


The customer wondered if he could exchange the ring for a radio-phonograph. The price was the same at $39.95.


Click on the link for the full article

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Future VWs Are Only Allowed To Use Synthetic Blinker Fluid


It makes indicating 69% more pleasing and 420x more efficient.


Volkswagen recently filed a groundbreaking trademark in Mexico. CarBuzz has discovered via The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) that VW's head office filed a trademark for the slogan, "nur synthetische blinkerfleussigkeit verweden," which translates as "use only synthetic blinker fluid."


We've been waiting for a manufacturer to improve the turn signal experience for years, but all of them have been too busy designing EVs to focus on the essentials. We're glad VW is getting back to the basics.


Click on the link for the rest

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‘Gourdspeed.’ 60-year-old paddles 38 miles in huge pumpkin to set record, photos show


When Duane Hansen walked into the mayor’s office in Bellevue, Nebraska, asking for volunteers to witness a record-setting feat, officials were initially confused.


Two city employees went along with the unusual request to, of all things, watch a giant pumpkin float down the Missouri River, according to a social media post by the City of Bellevue.




But Hansen wasn’t just going to send his prized pumpkin — which weighed in at 846 pounds — down stream by itself. Instead, the gourd enthusiast had hollowed it out so he could ride inside and paddle, photos show.


With a paddle, a life jacket and a camo baseball cap, Hansen climbed aboard the homegrown boat and set off from the docks in Bellevue at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 25. His destination was Nebraska City, 38 miles and an estimated six hours away, the post said. It was Hansen’s 60th birthday, and he intended to spend the occasion breaking the record for longest distance floated in a pumpkin. Family followed his courageous journey, taking photos and videos, collecting proof to show Guinness World Records after the deed was done.


Click on the link for the full article

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Caught on camera: Alabama deputy butts heads with goats eating paperwork in his patrol car


Several goats in Alabama are in trouble with the law after they hopped in a patrol car and started snacking on a deputy's paperwork.


According to a post on the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Deputy Casey Thrower left his patrol car door open while he delivered civil documents because he has been attacked by dogs in the past and had to flee quickly. 


After hearing a noise, he went back to his car to find a goat climbing in the passenger side and another one on the hood of the car. 



Click on the link for the full article

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