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Wow! Hell of a game...


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What an ulcer inducer. I swear I (and probably the team considering those final minutes) thought the game was over at 27-16. That was way too close for comfort.

Ramsey is a gamer! You guys have your QB as long as he doesn't get hurt. He's a great second half player. I think next year he's going to be a terror on the football field. Wow... I need to go drink a bottle of maalox. :twitch:

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Yeah, the young DBs have been playing really well the last two weeks. The crash course into being NFL starters did nothing but help them (although they're still very young as shown by that complete f--- up at the end of the game).

However... our ST coverage is now a huge issue because of all the injuries (most of the ST bodies are playing way more). The team was a horrible in those last three minutes.

Anyway, If things continue as they have been for the East that game at the end of the year might be for all the marbles.

Good luck until then - especially with keeping Ramsey upright - I'm off. :cool:

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The props goes to J Johnson and the smart drafting of the DBs two years ago Lito (n stitch) shepard was a first rounder and the others went in the midrounds back in 2k1

Once we have another year under our belt and discover how to adapt our system to include no huddle and quick counts watch out

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