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Parking spots designated specifically for women?


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At first glance, the headline will likely get you riled: Fredericton is considering women-only parking spots. Prepared to go fisticuffs with whoever came up with such a sexist idea, right?


But this isn't as awful as it sounds: The spaces aren't segregated on gender lines with the implication that women need easy, big spots - like the lucky ladies in this German town.

No, the driving force behind Fredericton's consideration is safety. Women should get the well-lit, closer-to-the-exit spot in a parking garage - or so the thinking goes.

More at the link

I'd have to echo what was quoted in the article. Wouldnt it be a better idea to improve the lighting and safety in the parking areas instead? :ols:

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I'll speak for all us women who wear 4-inch stilettos everywhere: BEST IDEA EVER! I'm totally cool being considered a pathetic female weakling if it gets me a better parking spot. Who is this genius who came up with this? I want to nominate him for future canonization.

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Useless without pics.

(sorry - internet tradition and all.... :) )


I'll send you my dad's ortho reports and x-rays on me...and epic rants to my sister and I about how we're complete dumbasses with our shoe selections. We get them annually...usually when we come home for Christmas complaining of neck problems :ols:

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