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Late night pick me up.


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In the midst of this terrible stretch of Redskins football, I personally have had a tough year, however when I need a pick me up, I always seem to gravitate to this video.

We all have to keep the faith, believe and never ever give up!!


On a side note. I believe this was the best team weve had since 1991. I remember the 99 team, however, I contend that this team was better, and if Carlos Rogers took that pick six to the house in Seattle, who knows.

Tidbits on the video. Love Rabach's celebration on the go ahead Moss touchdown. Priceless.

To conclude, Sean, we miss you. What a hit!!!

Goodnight boys

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I know the OP is just trying and I'm not trying to blast him for this, but damn I'm tired of looking in the past at good times. I'm tired of having to dust off my 3 SB DVDs or my 3 America's Game DVDs just to get some football happiness.

Be thankful that you atleast remember the good days. I Was 5 in 1991 and don't remember much of anything outside of being at a super bowl party. Being 26 95% of my Redskins memories are dreadful

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