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Redskins vs Steelers


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Who will win between the Redskins/Steelers today? Find out what our experts and NFL players think on todays games.


Does anyone ever really "win" or "lose" according to score? I mean, let's think about it. It's a game contested on the field where a team may or may not score more points to the other team. But shouldn't all solid efforts be recognized as a "win" and all poor efforts a loss? It's always the effort that counts as opposed to the score.

Furthermore, shouldn't we all just be glad (and count it as a victory) that this game isn't being played in London, England today? Sure, the weather is doing its best London impression, but the fact that it's here in the States is a win.

I refuse to pick a victor. I think both teams are going to win. And I hope they all get together afterwards and drink banana smoothies and sing show tunes. That's a win.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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