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Previews of Coming Attractions: Upcoming New Movies (Thoughts and Info on Movies That Don't Have Their Own Thread Yet).


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On 2/17/2022 at 9:30 AM, Momma There Goes That Man said:

Never heard of any of those. Is that music to sit in the shadows and brood to? 

You don’t have a “lurker” playlist? I am shocked.


I like the Elvis trailer, but I must say that the more “spectacle” treatment these movies get, the more I lose interest. I’m still a sucker for the hard realism of the 70s films, and modern cinema feels emotionally detached. I mean, I would love to see an Elvis flick with the aesthetic of say, The French Connection.


i have high hopes for Batman. I saw someone compare it to Chinatown (aesthically speaking), which would be fantastic. We shall see.

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2 hours ago, China said:


Anyone catch that Micheal Keaton (Batman) tells this bat guy (Morbius) that they should stay in touch?


Some heros live long enough to become villans... nice catch, coincidence though, as Keaton is playing vulture in this movie, not Batman (sure you know that, though : )

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