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Previews of Coming Attractions: Upcoming New Movies (Thoughts and Info on Movies That Don't Have Their Own Thread Yet).


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There are some interesting casting choices for the Fantastic Four reboot...

Mr. Fantastic: Miles Teller


The Thing: Jamie Bell


Sue Storm: Kate Mara (Yes, those Maras)


Johnny Storm: Michael B. Jordan


... Mrs. Storm is a hoebag.

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I am a firm believer that you can typically tell if a movie will be good or not based on casting (sometimes there are exception like Captain America turning out decent), and based on that the new Fantastic Four IMO will be just as bad as the previous ones.


I don't know about any of the others but I think Michael B. Jordan will be great.


He's probably one of my favorite up and coming actors. I've loved everything that I've seen him in since Friday Night Lights (tv show).


Edit: I know she's a Mara but I can't help it. Kate is smokin'.

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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' opens to huge $75 million overseas


Disney's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier

" roared out of the gate, taking in $75.2 million in its overseas box-office debut this weekend.


It dominated the international market, with current estimated openings at No. 1 in all but two of its 32 markets. It opens in the U.S. on Friday and is tracking for the year's biggest domestic opening, at more than $80 million-plus.




more at linky

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Just glanced through a USA Today. They have a promo for Denzel Washington staring as Robert McCall in The Equalizer.

I'm not really sure I have high hopes for the thing.  Among other things, in the interview, Denzel kept stressing that he didn;t watch the series, and he just liked the script. 


But who knows.  It seems to be a formula that works.  The retired Bad Guy with a conscience, who decided to Do Good Deeds.  I mean, that's what Burn Notice was.  (At least the ones I watched.) 


OTOH, I didn't like Burn Notice as much as Equalizer.  Don't know why. 


I think that one of the things that really made Equalizer, the series, was Robert Lansing's character, Control. The guy was a ****.  But he was McCall's friend.  Kinda. 


Whenever I would watch the show, I would watch the credits at the beginning, and if the credits said that Robert Lansing was gonna be in this episode, then I perked up. 

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OK, so it wasn't somebody doing a remake of "I Love Lucy". 


I was thinking life story of Lucille Ball also, before I watched the trailer. haha.


Scarlett as some hot, non-Marvel super chick with Matrix abilities.  Yes please. 


I don't sweat her, but the movie looks really cool. I hate not knowing how to imbed anymore. I accomplished it a few weeks ago by accident, and can not remember how. Failure face.

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Now I have to figure out how to convince the wife to go see it while we are on vacation...Hmm.


"Hey babe, there's this super cool movie called "Lucy" coming out while we'll be on vacation.  How a bout a nice movie night date and maybe dinner?  Scarlett Johannson is in it, she's not as pretty as people say she is, but she's a great actress.  Apparently, outside of all the action, there's a love story too."



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It's a chic flick.  :)


Screwed that up by sending her a link this morning. I have a plan though.

Going to invite her little cousins (age 13-17) , she's a sucker for being nice to other people. haha.

Problem is she is not big on going to the movies, neither am I. Once or twice a year to actually go. Her Dad goes all the time. Baffling.


Chew, I think my other plan will work since they will be less than 10 miles from where we will be.

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