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THE INSOMNIAC THREAD Week 8: Welcomes the restless, drunken happy tired, die hard fans!!!


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Well we are mid-point now with this game and we need to win this one! I hate the Steelers with a passion on top of that!

Plus since it is my birthday today a win tomorrow would be the icing on my birthday cake and a very nice birthday day gift from the Skins. :D



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At 14 that should be awesome for you.

My son's name starts with a Z. He will stay 14 but me on the other hand has decided to turn the clock back. :ols:

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I have a feeling we're gonna win this one!!! And Happy Birthday Z :D Hope you had a great day!!!

Thanks! So far it has been just a great day and I want that feeling to last beyond 4pm. Plus I will be driving back from Canada so want my trek home to be in a happy mood as well. :)

I'll drink to that :D

And I will double drink to that. :evilg:

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I really hate to say it, but this as close to a "Must Win" as one gets after the loss last week.

If we don't win this one then the next game is a MUST win since it is against a NFC team and then we have the bye-week and it is always nice to take a week off after a win.

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