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Redskins Park: Quotes - Mike Shanahan

Mark The Homer

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October 26, 2012

Redskins Park

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On if news was positive regarding linebacker London Fletcher:

“Yeah, it was. We will find out here in the next 48 hours exactly how he does feel. I don’t know for sure, but he seems to feel good today.”

On if he got a sense for how Fletcher’s hamstring was feeling:

“No, I really didn’t. But watching him practice, he looked pretty good.”

On if Fletcher thinks about his 231 consecutive games played streak being on the line:

“I’m sure he does. For a guy to play that many games, you can guarantee it means something to him. There is no question about it. For that person to be about to play 200-plus games, to me that is one of the biggest compliments you can give somebody to be able to play as consistently as he has because everybody is hurting.”

On what might be causing Fletcher’s balance problems with a concussion ruled out:

“That is why he went to see a doctor, so he could find out. I’m not sure what it is. They are going to keep on testing him. Sometimes people think it’s in their ear when they talk about balance issues and that is one of the reasons I said yesterday I’m not really sure if it is a concussion when you are talking about balance. Good thing about it is he is feeling a lot better. Why that occurred? I don’t think anybody knows for sure, but at least the test showed it was not a concussion.”

On if there is more concern about Fletcher’s balance or his hamstring:

“Number one, he’s got to feel comfortable because you can’t go out there if you have balance issues and go play. Everybody knows that. But relative to the hamstring, I can’t tell you until probably 48 hours from now or close to he when it works out before the game and tries to push harder than he did today. But he had a full practice today so that is a good sign.”

On long snapper Nick Sundberg:

“[He looks] good. Looks like he is snapping just like did. He doesn’t seem to have any side effects so hopefully over the next couple of weeks he keeps getting more comfortable with himself and he will be ready to go.”

On if he noticed a difference in performance from Fletcher over the last few weeks:

“We talked about it yesterday. These guys have a lot of pride. These guys play hurt a lot of the time, so you really don’t know exactly how a guy does feel. There’s a difference between injured and being hurt. A lot of these guys will get treatment. They don’t always tell you exactly how bad they are. For a guy to go 230-something games, he takes a lot of pride in himself.”

On how much tight end Chris Cooley will contribute this week:

“You get a feel. You don’t want to throw him into the briar patch too quick, because you know it takes a while to get those legs going for the guys that take off five, six, seven weeks and be able to jump in a game. So you have to be a little bit careful. I think we have a good feel for where Chris is at.”

On how Cooley took care of his body before rejoining the team:

“Again, you can’t believe these players. I tell you all the time, they’re all going to tell you they’re in great shape, they’re ready to go because they’re very competitive. They want to be out there and help the football team. Even if they’re not in good shape, they’re not going to tell you that. I think Chris really has done a good job of taking care of himself while he’s been out.”

On if the focus on head injuries was taken into account with a player like Fletcher:

“That’s why he hasn’t practiced this week. When he did bring up the balance issue, we knew there was a concern. That’s why you take all those tests, to find out exactly what was wrong or at least an indication that it was a possible concussion. There are always those concerns; especially with guys with a past history such as London who doesn’t miss many games.”

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This is why I wanted to circle the wagon on a Hawthorne or another Mike/ILB in the offseason. Fletch has been my favorite player since he returned that pick six (I think it was against the Lions) and he's been a consistent warrior for years. A true leader is hard to find, and I am beginning to feel the same way I felt about Samuels as I do about London... there is nothing I would rather see than London continue to dominate for years and years wearing Burgundy and Gold... but at the same time, he has a family and I think he's earned the right to take a game off or to even start thinking about hanging them up. Love the guy, and that's why I feel I can say this.

In other news, I was out of the loop for most of the week with work... is Jammal Brown just a foregone conclusion?

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