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Predictions Redskins VS Iggles


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I am very nervous about this game (like how I didn't say norvous ;) )

This is a statement game for the Redskins as a team. If we win it will show everyone we are for real and put us in a good place for the Division title. Spurrier wants to prove to the world that he can beat a division foe and the Eagles want to prove that weeks 1 and 2 were flukes.

I also want to see the killer mentality of the redskins in this game. If we can put away the Eagles, then they are 1-3 and 3 back of us :)

I feel we might have lady luck on our side since my neice's babtism is sunday before the game :cheers:

I say John Hall hits a 37 yarder with no time left and we win


Ramsey has a good game with a TD to Coles and Gardner. McNabb has a nice game as well. We hold the eagles too 80 rushing yards total and get 3 sacks.


:eaglesuck :eaglesuck

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I see Spurrier coming out with a max protect set and taking the ball down the field quickly and efficiently with quick passes and draws. On defense we will allow a NFL low in passing yards. Chad Lewis is the Eagles best receiver, McNabb will be shadowed by at two backs on passing downs. Of course it all can change with penalties and turnovers. Redskins 27-17.

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On paper, I can't see any reason for us not winning, but.... I'm more Norvous about this game than any thus far. On the plus side, I think our D will play much better against the Iggles under Edwards' machinations than it ever did under Marv's system. My norvous head is telling me Eagirls 27 Skins 13, but my heart is telling me Skins 23 Iggles 20

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I feel good about this one. Trung Canidate is going to get a game ball. A lot of screens to both the WRs and RBs, dump offs, etc. I think we will really see Trung excel when he gets into space. Spurrier will play it smart, use max protect but take his shots here and there. I just feel the Iggles are too banged up on D.

Skins 28

Feacles 21

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I don't think we will win in a close, hard-fought battle of wills. I don't think we have the toughness yet or the team cohesion to match Philly in Philly in a tight game where the slightest error in assignment will tip the outcome. I am worried about this game because of our history of doing poorly in "statement" games. I can see us losing this game because the Eagles are a "team" more than a collection of individuals and they may make fewer mistakes.

How they could win is an interesting issue. To me, it would be a great growing experience for us to be in a tight game, even if we lose it, because that's what we need to do. We need to face an elite team -- a team like Philly that has won the division twice and been to the NFC championship twice -- the last couple of years. Even if we lose we know what it's like to go toe to toe with a "top" team, even if the Eagles aren't that this year.

My worry in a loss is that Spurrier is the kind of coach to have a snowball negative game. Atlanta could have been that. So could the Giants. The type of game in which we are down and we turn to the pass and we don't get it clicking and we take hits and fumbles and interceptions and the opposition has short field position to work with and we're the Saints against the Colts from this past weekend.

Spurrier will have that type of massive loss in him the way he coaches. Interestingly, so did Joe Gibbs. The Redskins under Gibbs would not infrequently lose games by two touchdowns or more because Gibbs was a coach who believed in maximum protection and when we started to fall behind and needed to catch up we had to open it up and that could create major defeats.

I worry if we are to lose this is the sort of game, like Jacksonville last year, where it just starts to get away from us and it's ugly and we're all scratching our heads afterward.

But, on the other side of things, I think while we can't win a close game against the Eagles, and it could turn ugly if we start pressing and forcing things, to win, we NEED to show up as a team and put it together for the most part. I mean, what good is a statement game if you don't make a statement? The Redskins have the talent and system to put it together and blow the Eagles out.

What a statement that would be.

Redskins 27,

Philly 13.

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This seems like it should be a low scoring game but for some reason I think this will be a high scorer.

Skins 34

Iggs 27

Eagles secondary gets tested early and often....with positive results. By the time this game is over, the focus will have shifted from McNabb to Ramsey (in a good way).

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Eagles: 24

Skins: 21

I really don't know how to predict this one, so I'm going with with a homer pick.

It seems like neither team has a real identity right now- the skins have had some questionable opposition and Eagles have been a flat out mystery.

What I do believe is this:

Trung will be an absolute non-factor. Betts is the type of back that gives the Eagles trouble and I think the Skins will use him effectively if they get the win.

Coles may have a nice game, but I think the Birds will gameplan him out of the deciding outcome. I would look for Grdner to take full advantage of the single coverage, though, and be the real Eagle killer on third downs and in the red zone.

I think the Eagles have to stick with the run and get great play out of the thinned out defense to stay in this one, but I'm hoping for a terrific game.

Mcnabb warmed up last week and if the Eagles want the W, they will have to keep running the football and let Mcnabb start to get on a roll with play-action.

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This is a pretty good time to get the eagles because their secondary has been banged up. However, Andy Reid hasn't had any trouble scoring at will against the Skins D no matter who's out there on either side of the ball. The Skins have a chance to out-shoot the eagles in a high scoring affair, but the smart money is on the eagles.

Eagles, 31 - 20

Just FYI, the only Skins game I've gotten wrong in my pro pick 'em pool is the Atlanta game.

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Skins 27

Eagles 10

This game shouldn't even be close. Three starters are out in the defensive backfield, they have the same amount of sacks for the year that we have, and a rather dull offense.

It will probably be closer than that, but it shouldn't be.

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