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Weekly Review, Targets to hit in 2012, Week 6 check


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posted a thread on what it may take to reach playoffs, "Targets to hit in 2012", so lets see how we did in week five;

Points / game > 24.4 we had 38 An excellent combinationof Offense and defense scoring. and with a ROOKIE KICKER !!

Plays from Scrimage > 1068 (ave 400.5 / 6 games) we have 383 nearly a check but stable.

Yards / game > 381 we had 361 check ( one more pass or run might get it)

1 st downs per game > 21.4 we had 20 check acceptable , but we want that one more

3rd down % > 41.9 we had 6/12 = 50 % CHECK Finally a game in which we break the back of this beast. Very good sustained drives and play planning/calling. Include a 4th down conversion as a bonus.

Penalties < 92 (ave 34.5 / 6 games) we have 48 still improving , it is declining per game.

Penalty yards < 780 (ave 292.5 / 6 games) we have 442 NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

Time of Pos > 30:09 we had 28:28 needs improving too long for Def to be on field, but better than last week.

Turnover (net) > positive 10 (ave 3.75 / 6 games) we have 8 Check

so the Redskins rebounded and set a tone, can we continue it against a division rival? We swapped for a unproven rookie kicker this week, and HE IS GREAT !! ( for this week) lets hope for continued easy swings of the leg for young Forbath !!.

Now on to the first division foe . Go 'Skins ! HTTR !!

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