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How does "Rushgate" affect THIS game? (Anyone want more game analysis?)..


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I'm cobining a little bit of Rush with a little bit of Redskins-Eagles-- No I could not find any other threads on either topic :)

This is NOT debate about Rush's comments, race relations, politics, etc.... all I want to talk about here is how do the events of this week affect THIS game.

The company line on all sides is going to be that this will be played like any other game and McNabb will not be affected, etc...

I'm just not sure I buy that.

McNabb basically admitted that the comments did get to him at least a little bit and by judging the reactions from his teammates, Redskins players, Eagles ownership, etc... the comments and insuing fiasco HAS had an affect on people this week.

So, how can you be lodged in a media firestorm all week (even with the majority of people on your side) and just wipe it all away on Sunday?

Do I think McNabb is now obessessed with Rush? No way. I am sure he's thinking about Lavar and Champ a lot more than he is about Rush. However, McNabb would not be HUMAN if he didn't have a little extra insentive to "stick it" to Rush and others out there who feel the same way.

Bascially, McNabb was called "overrated" all across the national media-- housewives who never heard his name before now know who he is and that some people think he's not as good as he is believed to be. Remember, while most people think what Rush said was stupid, quite a few agreed with the "overrated" part. I'm sure McNabb has heard them too.

One thing I think could help McNabb is that I truly believe the Philly fans (who were rumbling about the offense in general just two weeks ago) will now be even more in his corner. This week, I think they may not boo in a spot they normally would, as to not appear to be on "Rush's side."

All of a sudden all of America is really rooting for Donovan McNabb this week. The vast majority of people want McNabb to have a big game to make Rush look bad.

The one good thing on our side is that maybe this has been a negative distraction. Anyone who says this hasn't been a distraction this week is flat out lying. If you believe that, then you believe McNabb is a robot who can experience this kind of thing without once thinking about it.

Do I think this week's incident could make McNabb have a good game instead of a bad game? No.

Do I think this week's incident could light a little more a fire, add a little intensity, and fire up McNabb and the Philly fans a bit more than they would be otherwise? Absolutely.

And IMO, that doesn't bode well for us.

No way do I think this will be the deciding factor in the game, but my guess is that it will work to the Eagles advantage. Let's just put it this way-- I wish Rush would have waited at least one more week to open his fat mouth.

As for the game in between the lines, I'm feeling even more confident. This is a good match-up for us.

I'll keep saying it. Teams with balanced offenses that can REALLY stretch the field will give us problems. The Eagles are NOT in this category. The Giants are.

And I'm honestly not sure if there is a certain "style" of defense that will bother us more than another. We're balanced and we have talent in the backfield and at WR. The big key is that we never have to "hide" our QB like some teams do. He can take a hit. He's smart. He's got a cannon. He knows the offense. He makes clutch plays. There's no reason to tailor the gameplan in a certain way because we're afraid of what our QB might (or might not) do.

My initial reaction is to play it cool early. Run the ball. Don't be afraid to punt. Keep it close, try to let the Eagles turn up the heat on themselves.

But you know what? That's not Spurrier. That's not the strength of this team. No need to be stupid and throw Hail Mary's all day or abandon the run, but this coach and this group of players needs to fling it around a little.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few more "gimmicks" thrown into the gameplan. A flea-flicker, maybe even a fake kick. I mean, they are the defending champs, at homes, with a 1-2 record. We're the underdogs, on the road, with a 3-1 record.

I do disagree with some that think this is a HUGE game. It's a big game, no doubt. It's an NFC East game, enough said. I think this team will need to turn the corner at some point this year and capture that BIG win. But if we lose this week, we only fall to 3-2 with one shot left at both the Jints and Iggles and two against Dallas. It would be nice if it happened this week, but we might have to wait. I TRULY believe it WILL happen this year, but I'm not sure when.

On paper, I like our chances.

But I'll be honest, regardless of everythig else, I don't see the Eagles at 0-3 at home and I don't see them losing after the leader was so publicly called out this week. Blame it on Rush :(

I hope I'm wrong, and the good news is that I'm not even close to being convinced I'm right.

Eagles 20

Redskins 16

We WILL beat Tampa next week though.

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Its not like McNabb tears it up when the games mean something or deserve that extra fire. Shouldn't they have been a little pissed and played with extra fire against Tampa in week one. The team that beat them out last year, and their 1st game in their new digs. They laid a big egg that game.

Everyone likes to comment on the Eagles being a tough gritty team. And there's no doubt they are tough, but it seems like whenever a team is willing to punch them back, they don't react well.


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Because that's the way the Eagles have always been. They can whoop it up during the Body Bag Game, but when they get smacked in the face in the 1990 Playoffs by the Skins AT Vet's stadium, they start cryin' like girls.

They can get ****y about beating Tampa, but then get stomped in their home twice in a row to Tampa.

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Guest skinsmatic

I disagree, I believe there are many more people in Philly that think like Rush Limbaugh than there are that like the Eagles, Sure they want to win, but I expect to see more philly fans then anyother agree with Limbaugh. Philly isn't the most tolerate place to say the least.

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I disagree. I believe the Philly fans (and fans in general) really LIKE McNabb, regardless of whether or not they think he's overrated. I don't think there's any "venom" directed at Donovan from the Philly fans-- I think they reserve that for Reid and the offense in general-- maybe owenership for sitting on their team year after year.

But McNabb is incredibly likable and I think that's another reason we've seen such an uproar. People like him and I think they even feel a little sorry for him right now-- yes, even Philly fans.

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I wonder if it will cause him to press and take the game totally on his shoulders. Will he try to be the hero to totally squash this and give Rush the finger? I could see this being a good and a bad thing. I could take chances that could pay off and he could take chances that create more turnover opportunities.

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Maybe i'm being pessimistic but i just don't see Eagles losing this game after what happened this week. Eagles players will rally around McNabb and Andy Reid is too good a coach so as not to use this as motivating factor. Again, i'm not sure what this ruckus will do to Redskins psychology. They have come out in support of McNabb and i hope this is not a factor when they meet McNabb at Linc. A little hesitation on our players' part could turn this game into a blowout.

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The only way the Eagles blow anybody out this year is if the opponent plays stupid football. Like our guys did on MNF last year. Nobody, but NOBODY, was in position on defense, play after play. We haven’t been like that this year and I don’t expect a relapse.

I agree with kleese about the boobirds. Iggle fans can talk trash about McNabb all they want, but when an outsider like Rush does it on national TV it picks at their honor. They’ll be much slower with the boos. I wish Rush waited to vent his gas until after McNabb sucked against the Redskins.

I also want to see some trickery, some misdirection, especially in the red zone. Run a reverse to Gardner and see what happens. Run it again later, and have him use his old QB skills to toss one into the end zone. Mix it up and give them something to think about.

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I didn't expect many people to pick us this week, heck, I didn't, so I wouldn't expect many others to do so.

But I am pretty surprised to see so many "locks of the week" going to the Eagles. These are usually done with the spread in mind, meaning a vast majority of people think the Eagles will walk away with this game pretty easily.

"The Sports Brothers" on ESPN radio have an amazing 22-1 record against the spread this year-- that's almost worth investigating-- and they were 8-0 last week. Pretty incredible, to be honest. Anyway, early in the week, one of the brothers hinted that the Eagles would crush us this week. Many of the "Vegas guys" are pretty confident we're going down hard.

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I think the key in this game will be to force McNabb out of his game and into mistakes EARLY. Make him play from behind. As much as McNabb/Eagles won't admit it, I know they want to take their first drive of the game downfield FAST with a quick score. Our D should be plenty ready for that attempt and give an extra 100% just to stuff it back to the Eagles. I think the first quarter results will say a lot about this game. I don't believe this is a game where we can get down 14-3, 14-0 etc....and still win. Our D has to make big stops and possibly get some turnovers early.

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