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Lorenzo Alexander: Mr.Reliable


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I hope that he gets the start next Sunday in New York, Jackson hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire with his play. Alexander kind of reminds me a little bit of one of my all time favorite Redskins, #51 Monte Coleman, all heart and all about the team. Keenan Robinson looked pretty good also in limited playing time. I also want to give credit to the much-maligned Reed Doughty & Madieu Williams, I think they did a solid job tackling yesterday preventing longer gains.

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I was SCREAMING "O-M-G!!!!!" every time he made a big play in my section....apparently my section didn't have a clue who I meant, lol...

Hahaha, nice!

I remember he really started on the field as an extra lineman.

"Number 97 is reporting as eligible," always got a huge, "LORENZOOOOOO!" from 402 row 26 seat 3!

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He's played DT, DE, LB, TE, FB

Don't forget he filled in at offensive guard. The man is incredible, it takes a truly smart football player in order to fill all those roles.

He's not a star player (yet :D) but he's one of those guys every team needs. We must never let him go.

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He's been one of my favorites since his rookie year. He made this team undrafted solely on one play. Remember the preseason game against the Titans way back? He was lined up as a DT and chased down a scrambling QB after his helmet fell off (I think Vince Young) and made the tackle. His forehead was bleeding pretty bad. Ever since then he's been top 5 ever skins for me. :point2sky

I love the hard nosed players like ST21 (r.i.p.), Zo, Dyoung, Niles Paul, etc.

Here's to hoping Zo, Niles, and Dyoung knock some midgets around this coming weekend!:giantsuck:

Edit: found a clip

I also went to NFL.com to the actual game highlights to see if they showed it, but they don't. However at the very end of the highlights you can see Zo is also responsible for a defensive touchdown. He just makes plays.

Check it out: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d80168bae/Redskins-14-Titans-6

He's lined up at DE and he's wearing his old number 79. He is a lot bigger, wow!

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I know implementing the 3-4 was the highest priority to Iron Mike, but think moving around Zo even more than he normally did, changing position on top of playing multiple positions, may have caused him to struggle a bit. Dominating on teams, no where on O or D to be seen. With Rak out, we clearly are not getting any pressure from ORLB, and while that "pass" feel into his lap, he was there to make a play. He has earned more reps. Let him play at whatever weight he is at, and not keep moving him away from positions where he does well.

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