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ESPN: Jason Alexander to play Kornheiser in sitcom


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Thursday, October 2

Alexander to play 'Interruption' co-host in sitcom


ESPN.com news services

"Who am I?"

"You're Tony Kornheiser."

Then who's behind the mask?

It's Jason Alexander, who's going to play the Washington Post columnist and co-star of ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" in a CBS sitcom pilot.

You've got to be kidding.

No, it's true. At least that's what the Post reports in a story published Thursday.

"Shut Up and Listen," to be based on Kornheiser's columns in the Post's Style section about his real life, was developed for CBS's fall lineup. However, it was delayed, perhaps until spring or next fall, according to the Post, because CBS and the production company couldn't find the right Kornheiser.

John Goodman was considered, but "is no Tony Kornheiser," notes the Post. "Jason Alexander, on the other hand, practically is Tony Kornheiser," according to the Post.

It's easy to picture Alexander behind the Kornheiser mask, sitting opposite Michael Wilbon, pulling off one of PTI's recurring shticks. True, Alexander's shorter, but who notices when they're sitting down?

What is noticeable is that they have "the same hair," as Kornheiser acknowledged to the Post. And, anybody who knows Kornheiser knows that he and the George Costanza character played by Alexander on "Seinfield" are similarly neurotic, too.

The Kornheiser character is named Tony Kleinman in the pilot script. He's a sports journalist with two teenagers who, according to DeKoven, "is very comfortable in the world of sports but uncomfortable in the world of parenting."

The show was developed by longtime Kornheiser friend and former NBC exec Lindy DeKoven, who will be executive producer. She wanted Alexander from the start. "He was among the first people we even thought of; he seems like he fits the role," DeKoven told the Post. "Tony, as you know, is not the easiest guy -- this is not tall, dark and handsome. Just say it wasn't an easy role to cast."

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Originally posted by jbooma

He has the hair though, that is all Tony is worried about, getting the hair right :silly:

As far as hair goes, don't you mean hair as in "lack there of"

Plus Jason Alexander doesn't have Kornhesier's dreaded

"comb-over effect" going for him

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WHy wouldn't Tony play the role. Acting skills aside, wouldn't that make for a better show in general? When the main character is playing himself? Like Cosby(though he wasn't a doctor, but rich nonetheless with a bunch of kids), and that Who's the Boss guy, although he may hgave actually been a housekeeper.........

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