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The guys at ganggreen are really fallling apart.

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Some of them are so despondent and shell shocked by their teams fall from grace that they've resorted to making up derogatory newspaper articles and trolling their own forum.

This is really sad. :(


<Begin quote:

Edward's checks into Betty Ford Clinic., Arizona Sun

papichango Posted on Oct 2 2003, 10:35 AM

Reports out of the Arizona papers have stated that Headcoach of the New York Jets Herman Edwards has admitted himself into the Betty Ford Clinic on the lower eastside of Manhattan . Edwards who appears to be losing control of a once dominant team has told the Arizona Sun that his drinking started right after he became headcoach of the Jets. " I was coaching the secondary team in Tampa Bay and in the middle of the night I received a phone call from Terry. He said I got the job in New York" . General manager Terry Bradway who many are blaming for the jets fall from grace had no comment. In asking Edwards why he took the job his response was ,"My mama didn't raise any punk's ". Recent reports that Paul Tagliube an admitted homosexual had put pressure on Jets owner Woody Johnson to hire Herman Edwards have not been confirmed. Taglibue's once romantic involvement with Johnson was no surprise to the New York media and it's fan's. To add to all that is going on, reports that Jets two time pro bowler John Abraham was caught while Drinking Under the influence can not be good for the team. Ted Cortrell the defensive coordinator of the team will assume the headcoach duties. Cortrell's comments were somber but happy to get the job." Hey man when you eat as much cheeseburgers like I do at one point or another you need to work out the weight some how, I prefer using my mind instead of the NordicTrack." Cortrell immediately was taken for a breathalyzer test himself. As for defensive end Abraham he still has two strikes before he is conceder an alcoholic.

End quote>

roanoke.jpg an avatar found at ganggreen

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Once dominant team? When were they ever a dominant team? The weren't even considered a dominant team when they won the superbowl almost 40 years ago.

These fans are delusional. Maybe you should send them Bang's Herm Edwards cartoon.

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I don't see how a team can be good with little talent.

At least they made Moss a starter.. but Moss isn't a good WCO WR...wait, so, uh, Duh?

You know, if Spurrier were here in 2001 when we drafted Gardner, you know he'd have picked up Moss instead. Moss would be great in this system. But he just doesn't have the size to be a great WCO WR.

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The debacle that is the NY Jets should be laid at the feet of the GM and owner. Herman Edwards is a solid coach, a player's coach with respect, but he can't be asked to take a below average talented team to the playoffs. Heck...he's 0-4 with no win in sight.

The tender offer to Coles was the start of their decline. What GM in their right mind exposes their emerging star receiver to a 1st round pick only tender offer? Moronic ones...that's who. Then, to rely on the NFL league office for advice regarding contract particulars, and not thinking for one second to contact the NFLPA for their input is Eff Up #2. The rest is history.

Finally, what F.O. talent evaluator couldn't see that the LB corp. is old and slow..... the secondary small and inexperienced..... and that Josh Evans was a habitual drug offender?

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Say, do you guys remember when the Jets were a 1-15 team??

I do!

Funny to think that the only flirtation that the team has had with success in the last 30 years was when Parcells was coaching them.

Based on the way he's gotten that sorry crew in Dallas to perform, maybe the guy is the miracle worker that his press gives him.

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Thank God we didnt sign Moss a guy who injured his knee walking on the practice field in training camp.

Even right now no one in their right mind would want moss over Gardner.

What is really disturbing is that our DE prospect on our farm club needs a designated driver

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