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Kiss your a$$ goodbye, North Korea


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This won't be going on for long;

North Korea Admits Making Atomic Bombs

NewsMax.com Wires

Thursday, Oct. 2, 2003

PYONGYANG, North Korea – The communist regime said today it had reprocessed 8,000 nuclear fuel rods and was using the plutonium extracted to make atomic bombs.

A senior North Korean official said the Stalinist dictatorship was in possession of a nuclear deterrent and was continuing to strengthen it.

Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Su-hon told the Chinese news agency Xinhua in New York that Pyongyang had no choice because, he claimed, the United States had threatened it with nuclear weapons.

It is the first time the country has made such an explicit claim.

Clinton's Damage Never Ends

The fuel rods were stored at North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear facility, which was supposedly shut under an unverifiable agreement with the United States in 1994. Under the pact Bill Clinton gave the regime millions in U.S. taxpayer dollars to build a nuclear program, supposedly for peaceful purposes.

The Bush administration has continued Clinton's policy of sending food aid to the rabidly anti-American regime even as the dictatorship starves its people to expand its massive military and even as dissidents report that military and government officials steal the donated food and sell it.

Reprocessing the rods separates the plutonium, which could then be used to make nuclear weapons relatively quickly.

Officials say intelligence agencies have been unable to confirm how far North Korea has gone, but concede reprocessing could have taken place at secret locations.

Copyright 2003 by United Press International.

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And yet, I keep wondering.

Over the years, the nations of the world have come up with a traditional, time-honored way for a nation to announce that they have nuclear weapons.

They set one off.

The announcement, delivered in this way, is simple, widely disseminated, and irrefutable. (Nobody tries, after sucu an announcement, to claim "he's bluffing".)

(It's also traditional to not issue a press release until after you set one off. That way, if it's a dud, nobody knows about it, and you try again.)

I wonder if Kim, by deviating with international tradition in this fassion, is trying to pull what may come to be referred to as "pulling a Saddam". (Claiming you're a threat when you aren't).

(Although, you'd think he'd look at the success enjoyed by the person who's precedent he's following. But, the universe tends to punish people who have distorted opinions of the consequences of their actions.)

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There was another thread here, where somebody was tossing out the theory that Saddam had been claiming he had WMDs when he didn't.

Somebody else asked why Saddam would do such a thing, wasn't it really dumb?

The thread degenerated and got closed before I could make my reply:

You do realise, you're talking about a Head of State who thought he could conquer Kuwait, and nobody'd do anything about it.

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