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Hey Bufford


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That WMD thread got closed before I could add my 2 military cents.

I don't think fan meant that to come across as gruff as it did. It's hard to convey to civilians what goes through the minds of military personnel during times of war, and that is what this is, a time of war, whether it feels like that to civilians or not.

We lose comrades and friends even in the best of times. I had a friend die in a KC-135 ( a refueler aircraft) when it caught fire and burned on the runway. He was trapped in the back ( he was a boomer) and was burned alive. One of my best friends had his brother killed in a live fire Army exercise. Training accidents happen all the time. During war, death is expected to happen, but it doesn't make it any easier when it's one of your friends.

I have no doubt that your cousin at Walter Reed is pissed off right now. I would be as well. It's part of the mental process of healing. But from that hospital, it's hard to see the big picture, and there is a bigger picture involved here. We, unfortunately are not done in the Middle East, because there are more rat holes that need to cleaned out, and we are the only ones that can do it. It just kinda strikes a nerve to military folks when someone uses quotes from people in situations like your cousin, or shows the Moms of soldiers in Iraq whining for their kids to come home, to further an agenda. Not saying that you have an agenda, but your position on this issue has been pretty clear. I don't think you meant that to come across like it did nor use your cousins situation to try and gain the upper hand, but reading from a military POV, that's the way it came across, and I think if that's what you intended to use it for, it soils the sacrafice that your cousin and others like him have made in this war and others that preceded it. Again, just my 2 military cents

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I'll be honest Sarge.

We're going in circles here.

I've got nothing but the most respect for those in the Military. From my Dad who fought in Vietnam to my great uncles (4 in all, 2 of which Died) in WWII. I understand that they are out there every day making sure I can get up, watch sportscenter and go to work.

Politicians have Agenda's, I don't.

I'm just emotionally drained on this topic right now.

When I say "Thank you" for all that you've personally done.

I mean it.

I just question the true motives on why our people are there. Repub or Demo......doesn't matter to me. I go by topics and issues.

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air sarge....exactly. my target was wrong and bufford's cousin is owed an apology for that. it just struck the wrong chord when I saw how someone's injuries were being linked to political statements. I sat a battle group watch one night and watched, then handled the debacle of four of my buddies flying into the drink. I have lost other good friends at sea and in the ME. I have never gone on-line and made a case of what my dead/injured friends felt about President Clinton or anyone else. They served and their time was done. Similarly, to take injuries and exploit them for political purposes, however well intentioned, just doesn't sit well.

What we received was 4-5 sentences of newspaper tabloidism with no ampliifing info. who is this person? where/when was he serving? how was he injured? how did he feel prior to the injury? is he regular or reserve? what are his politics? context always helps if you are going to politicize what should be a cordonned area for respect and convalescence.

now that I have calmed down, I understand or at least hope that bufford wasn't using his cousin's injuries to support his own, established misgivings and antipithy to events in the last 3 months. at first read it smacked of using an injured person to buttress a political rant we have heard before. and that just doesn't sit well.

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