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Dallas radio host plays 'Hail to the Redskins' on Jerry Jones Show


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Very nice . The reference to George Michael Sports Machine made the day for an old fart like me who sat up late nights waiting to see him hit the button to..... "crank up the machine!"

i was an avid watcher of the sports machine too. the part that always got me as i sat (no kidding) in my bean bag chair watching george at i think 11:30pm after the news was he always, i mean ALWAYS pushed the same button. the machine had 40 buttons on it and he always pushed the same one.

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This morning, Shan played a voice mail he got from Tony Wylie (media relations?) offering to send him Redskins gear for doing this. Shan declined saying he is already getting death threats as it is. Apparently, Dan Snyder got a kick out of it too and inquired as to whether Shan had been fired yet. I am Cowboys fan, but I find this to be funny. And as much as people bag on Jerry, he is actually a very good sport about this kind of stuff.

Haha, I was actually pretty impressed with how well Jerry handled the situation too -- especially the comment about 'reaching your expectations of competence and mental health'

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