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OT- Who do you like in the AL/NLDS


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I've really gotten into this year's baseball season. and although, I don't have one team that's my favorite, I can definitively say that the winner of the Cubs/Braves series will be the team I root for the rest of the way out.

I'd kind of like to see the Red Sox in the series, Cubs/Red Sox would be insane!

Anyhow, I'm taking the Yankees in 5 in spite of their game one loss

I'll take the Braves in 5, Cubs pitching could pull the upset though.

I'll take the Red Sox in 4, If Pedro wins game one, the A's will have a real hard time keeping those Sox bats at bay.

and I'll take the Giants in a sweep, although Schmidt is really their only reliable pitcher. Ponson, for all the talk about him in Baltimore, and for as upset at he was for being "low-balled" by the O's, is simply not much more than a hard throwing fat man without the discipline to be a number 2 starter on a legitimate WS contender. I'll concede though, that rookie Jerome Williams will be a stud someday.

Edit: Only three views. Ouch, you guys really don't like baseball apparently.

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