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My other half and Diamonds


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Last week the love of my life, (Besides the Redskins) while shopping "Coincidentally" bump me into the jewelry store in time to hear about the nice deals on 2 carat rings, etc.

Fortunately back home while channel surfing we came across 60 minutes which was talking about the diamond conspiracy.

It started off about the blood diamonds terrorists use then went to the overinflated pricing.

De'Beers has been the diamond cartel forever it seems and of course controls the price even though we found out that diamond are far more plentiful than previous thought.

To the point that they should be as low as $20 dollars.

I wonder how many women would still want diamond rings, necklaces bracelets, etc if they priced honestly and those thousand and million dollar necklaces could be within the pric range of everyone?

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Me and my wife saw that a while back, and we were both disgusted with the treatment of the people most notably the children. My wife didn't diamonds for a while, but our anniversary is coming up, and of course I had to get her a diamond ring. If you are interested in Jewerly, not just diamonds and want a good deal, its a good idea to check out the international gem and jewlery shows.


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Agreed. I love my girl and all, but she wants a Luis Vitton purse and she doesn't even like purses. Oh, to be sure she claims she likes THIS one and would use it, but come on---she can't find a 100 purse that she'd like and that would last?

Sometimes things are expensive for a reason--superior quality, fiber, texture, lifespan, etc--other times it's all about conspicuous consumption.

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Diamonds and Tanzanite are big cash cows for Al Quaeda, African Warlords, and other terrorist groups. My wife's wedding ring is her birthstone instead of a diamond.

All those commercials about how buying drugs is supporting terrorists; somebody ought to do the same with diamonds..

"This morning I helped warlords chop the arms off of a 17 year-old boy... I was just trying to tell her I'd marry her all over again..." :doh:

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