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My Established lg has a few openings for Madden '13 (PS3)


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About us: We have been around since Madden '10 when they introduced online lgs. I helped out the Xbox crew last year setup their lgs and they seemed to enjoy things.

- We have a wide range of talent. Our best guy was top 100 in the lobby leaderboards for a long time last year, but he's also a great sim player (which our lg is). But we have a LOT of good players, so if you're looking for a challenge we got it.

- We are more like a community than a lg. We were the first lg to use facebook that i know of in 2009, and it's helped us develop a community b/c people are always posting videos, smack talk, and more personable discussions.

***This next point separates us from 99.99% of madden lgs this year***

- As you know EA removed the fantasy draft option. However, due to our lgs love of the fantasy draft, we will still be doing a complete fantasy draft meaning you can build a whole team to your liking still. The details haven't been completely worked out since we need the game to see exactly the process we need, but it's happening on Sept. 8th.

- We will also be running a stock rosters lg in parallel. Team selection for the stock lg hasn't happened yet b/c i'm waiting until i fill the lg as much as i can.

- We have 3 openings in the Fantasy lg, and 4 in the stock lg.

- You need to play a try out game just to make sure you're not a douche and do the cheesy things that belong in lobby ball, but other than that we have relaxed rules b/c our players have been together so long.

- If you're going to commit, please stick it out. If you think you may quit in a month, please don't waste my time. This lg is for someone who is good at the game or wants to put in the effort to get better. Please participate and be active and have a good attitude. Those things are much more important than skill.

If you have other questions just ask, but I think I covered most important things.

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