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In honor of Mickalino: My moment with some kind of mother ****ing bee!!!


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I've always kept calm around bees for the most part, even the really big once that give you the impression that you'd drop dead if they stung you. I've only been stung once, and that was when I was 7-8.

One thing I've always hated was being around bees in close proximity to large groups of people, because there's always one person who'll swat at it mercilessly, only for it to get pissed and take it's frustrations out on you.

That's the thing, if you show aggression, they'll attack. They can sense it. People need to remain calm and the bee will 99 times out of 100, fly away. Most of the time they are looking for pollen, not you.

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did mickalino die or something?
What happened to Mick?



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Dang. Glad you are okay HH. My family has had experienced scary moments with bees also. My mother picked up a soda can one day not knowing what was inside and it stung the inside of her mouth multiple times.

I was driving down the road one day and felt this buring sensation next to my right marble. The burning was so bad I slammed the brakes on and unzipped my OP shorts (you remember those) and saw a ****ing wasp having a field day. I killed the little **** and it took a while for the burning sensation to subside. Was so happy the **** didn't get a hold of, well, you know and never was I so happy that the burning sensation was from a bee sting and not from that broad I was with the night before.:D

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:ols: KG.

And guys, you know the difference between "in honor of" and "in memory of" right? Thankfully, I have no reason to believe there's anything wrong with Mick. And that's not something I'd joke about, regardless.

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You were singing along to "call me maybe" at the top of your lungs when this incident happened, weren't you?

Glad you're ok

Honest to god, I had to google that to find out what you were talking about. I never heard that song - apparently it's huge. It is not playing on the radio in San Francisco at all, as far as I can tell. Weird.

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... sometimes, when some of you guys are doing the old "whatever happened to so and so" shtick...I am reminded of this old wives tale I heard about turkeys....how when it would rain they'd wander around looking up with their mouths open and drown...:ols:...i used to hear it applied at times to a "how dumb men are" angle (an especially favored expression of a lovely young lady from Kansas :cloud9:) ...but, seriously, if it helps, just a reminder of some common-sense things re: the matter...

a temp ban (sometimes lengthy--i.e. 3, 6, or 12 months)

a perma ban (more often that not will be done "public" so folks know and also to instruct)

a voluntary absence for many reasons (death/illness, based on experience, being an extremely rare reason)

Very little percentage or value in assuming the worst or worrying. Mick is expected back.

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