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If the Giants can Celabrate last week


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The Patriots had 4 turnovers and missed a makeable field goal in the second quarter that cost them. They never lead in this game from the first drive. They did not deserve to win the game.

Ditto for the Skins last week vs. the Giants. The Giants were ahead most of the game and dominated at times. The Skins heroics at the end notwithstanding, you have to play more than a quarter to win games in the NFL.

New England learned that lesson today.

Where were they after 45 minutes? Down 20-3 and looking like garbage. In fact they were fortunate the score was that close.

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New England doesn't get back into this game until we let the air out of the ball on offense, and start "playing not to lose" on defense, with about 4 minutes left in the 3rd.

They spent the last 19 minutes playing balls-to-the-wall trying to win, we played them covering our balls (sorry, ladies) trying not to lose.

I LOVE winning in the NFL. I just don't subscribe to the notion that all wins are created equal. IF we learned a valuable lesson in closing games out today, this win becomes sweet as hell in a young season off to a 3-1 start. I think we will. Other than the penalty problem, I've been impressed with how quickly this team seems to learn from it's mistakes.

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We won.. yeah be happy about that fact but dont be too happy that we let the Patsies back in the game. We have ZERO killer instinct on either offense or defense. This surprises me on offense cos Spurrier is known for going for the throat.

Edwards has done this twice now in consecutive weeks. If we dont stop this now before it becomes a trend. If next week we are up 20-3 at the start of the 4th quarter against the Eagles, McNabb will eat our lunch.

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