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Are the best groups of receivers in the NFL in the NFC East?

Tom [Giants fan]

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I was just watching Irvin interview the trio of receivers in Dallas.

Hey, as much as we hate to admit it, they are a talented trio.

So, with that, are we looking at the most talent at receiver in the NFC East?

Toomer, Hilliard, Shockey (he's not really a TE) - Coles, Gardner, McCants - Glenn, Galloway, Bryant.

This is some pretty good talent at the position.

So, here is the question:

Is the NFC East the most talented at the WR spot?

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Ghost, the Eagles WRs would be getting more recognition if McNabb could get them the ball more often. Pinkston had 7 catches (I believe) today, and Thrash had a good game as well (has more yards this season than R. Gardner). The Eagles have the worst set of WRs in the East, but they aren't as bad as they're made out to be.

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Both times I've seen Jimoh on the field he gave up a huge play.

He's horrible.

As for the NFC Easts receivers,

No, the only really good receivers are Coles and Toomer. Everyone else is mediocre or hasn't met their full potential. I'm a little disappointed in Gardner. He could be playing a lot better than he is. The best division for receivers in my opinion is the AFC North.

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