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Do you need a special password and secret handshake to get on Patriots forum????


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I signed up on the Patriots.com website as Hail56 so I could get into the forum. Did they take one look at my name & personal info and say, No freakin' way are we letting her in here!! I didn't specifically say I was a Skin's fan and that I am not a Pats fan...but the Hail56 could have been a tad bit to obvious. Maybe I should have signed up as BradyIsGod or something...

I just wanted to nosy around like I always do & see what threads were going around and what the fans are saying. I am not a trash talker in other forums (of course unless they REALLY deserved it like the Jets fans...) or in any forums as a matter of fact, just wanted to see what they are thinking and saying. I clicked the submit button. Got the thank-you and your password will be emailed to you shortly. That was like on Wednesday. Still no access...Anybody have any clues???:mad:

oh well to late now I am leaving for the game in 1 1/2 -2 hours!!! See you there, whoever is making the trip!!!:cheers::pint:

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Originally posted by Om

Forgive the affrontery, m'lady ... 'tis the buttery warm glow of victory, just a-coursin' through me veins, is all.

Or the trace alcohol ... I'm not sure which. ;)

Eeeye, matie. Gotcha. Please enjoy your buzz for me. Mine wore off trying to get out of the parking lot a long long time ago....It was good while it lasted though!!!!


On to next week.....


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