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Has Lavar....


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No! I have a close friend that's real good buddys with Lavar's 1st cousin and we got together just before the season and played madden 2004 (lavar's cousin). Anyhow, I was using the Redskins and Lavar's cousin was using the eagles.

To make a long story short, I altered Lavar's uniform and gear. I also gave him the dark vader look because he plays so fierce. Then I changed his name from LB 57 to Lavar Arrington so they would say his name during the game.

Lavar's cousin thought the dark vader look was really cool and said he was gonna call "Bubie", that's what they use to call Lavar when he was growing up:laugh: he was gonna call bubie and tell him how cool it looked. So, after speaking with lavar's cousin about a week or 2 later. He stated that lavar told him he tried practicing with the dark vader look once and kinda liked it.

Well! as you can see lavar's been wearing that look ever since.:40oz:

You heard it here first from" REDALERT":alcoholic

but don't say anything about the nickname "Buplie":40oz:



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