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Keys to a Skins win


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Here are my thoughts on the keys to a win tomorrow.

1) Stop the run: Brady was quoted yesterday as saying "Faulk and Smith need to gain over 150 yards on Sunday since I'm banged up" It's my opinion that NE will try to make this a low scoring game based on ball control and a focus on putting alot of pressure on Ramsey.

2) Run the Ball: With a focus on putting pressure on Ramsey, it's critical that we start strong with a mix of Candidate and Betts. Betts may be the best approach this week with Ted Washington out of the line up. This will open up things for Ramsey as the game progresses.

3) Mistakes and Special Teams: It's time to show our critics that we can play a disciplined 4 quarters and limited our mental errors. A big return by Morton is soon to happen and this week may be the time he takes one back for a TD. Could be a tight game so Hall needs to stay consistent.

4) McCants and Taylor must produce big plays: Attention will be given to both Rod and Lavernius in the Belicheck game plan but we can capitalize on this approach. Taylor makes a big entrance to the NFL and catches a 50+ yard touchdown pass. McCants continues his success in the red zone and catches a TD pass.

These are my thoughts and I welcome everyone's other keys to victory.

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