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I have to admit I was one of the fans upset by the loss of D. Gardner on the DL. I didn't think it ruined us, but obviously hurt us. HOWEVER...


mid-way thru the article:

"INJURY REPORT II: Shanahan also was concerned about defensive tackle Daryl Gardener, who didn't do much at all Thursday because his surgically repaired right wrist was quite sore.

Shanahan said Gardener planned to call his surgeon in New York about treatment options.

"We'll see if he can get another injection in that area, maybe alleviate some of the pain," Shanahan said. "We're going to do what's right so we can have him in the long run."

He expected to make a decision today.

Gardener, who in March signed a seven-year, $34.8 million contract that included a $5 million bonus, has yet to play a down for Denver because of the injury, which he incurred during an early-morning fracas outside an Aurora pancake house.

Gardener had hoped to play in the opener, then backed up his timetable to the game with Oakland. But he was a game-day inactive."

:applause: :gaintsuck

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Never expect back-to-back full seasons out of an injury-prone head case. When Gardner left it didn't bother me at all. Sure I thought we'd miss his presence in the middle, and we do, but that we weren't going to get that again even if he re-signed with us.

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