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Let's design the most convenient car


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Maybe I'm just lazy but I think a more convenient car will save me time and money, things we all need more of. What realistic features of a car would make life easier for you?

-Custom pollen colored paint so that I dont have to wash it often

-Alloy wheels the color of brake dust so I don't have to scrub

-Fuel door on both sides because the pumps on my side are always taken

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Some Swedish guy already did that 30 something years ago. It's a tank that's near impossible to damage, will go at least a million miles, decent enough fuel economy, cheap to buy and own, don't care if they get dirty, can haul just about whatever you want and if you're inclined to do such things can be made into pretty badass driving machines with a little work and modification. I present to you the Volvo 240 station wagon, the best designed and engineered car of all time. :silly:


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