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Rumiur: Salary Cap 2014 penalties


People are getting smarter  

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Two years has gone by and the league is having issues with the old 2010 Salary Cap mess. Mara still feels the skins got lucky by only taking $36Million and no draft picks. He finally persuades Godell to impose an additonal penalty. They need to lose the 2012 draft pick.

Unfortunately for the Skins they didn't have a 2012 draft pick so they will have to send RG3 to the Giants so Mara will finally shut up about this issue. Well, the Giants requested RG3 not Robert Giriffin III, so they were surpised to see Rex Grossman III at the training facility trying to get in.

Unfortunately for the Giants Mara had signed off on the deal for RG3 and he was stuck with him. :pfft:

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I apologize for this thead, but I was so pissed I had to post it. Especially getting off the the phone with my Giant friend Mara lover. If you'd like to close merge whatever I'm fine. I'm pretty good at following the rules though so please be gentle:)

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I don't like any jokes, thoughts, ideas, etc. that involve us losing RG3.

Your heart was in the right place, though.

Pretty much my feelings. Too many people running around acting like we're losing the #2 pick (which I think is utter BS) to make this funny. It's not the OP's fault, it's just bad timing.

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