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Burgold's radio show, the Prism now also on the web


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On this week's Prism, we visit the proto planet Vesta, the second largest asteroid in the solar system. The space ship Dawn is just wrapping up a year studying it. We also look at the ethics and science behind individuals getting a full genetic scan and having that be made available as an electronic record. We also travel to Warwick to learn about Leonardo DaVinci's graveyard visits to learn about anatomy and how even the renainance man and possibly history's greatest genius... didn't understand women.

All that and a commentary about the role of creationism in the science classroom after a new Gallup poll shows that 46% of Americans believe in creationism and not evolution.

(And yes, ES inspired the idea for the commentary, but there was no plagarism of posts.

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Tonight's Prism:

Segment 1

A nearly binary odd couple: Proximity of New Planets Stuns Even Astronomer​s

One is a rocky planet 1.5 times the size of Earth. The other is a gaseous world nearly four times Earth's size. Together they form a spectacular system in which two planets orbit closer to each other than any yet discovered.

Segment 2: The Quest for the Higgs Boson Particle at CERN

I speak with a physicist in Switzerland about the hunt for the Higgs Boson. Why they believe they have found it, what it's all about, and whether they might be wrong.

Segment 3: Celebrating 100 years of Woody Guthrie with a Banjo Festival

Two time Grammy Award winner Cathy Fink joins me to discuss the life and music of Woody Guthrie with tales and a whole lot of banjo music. Once she started playing she wouldnt stop :ols: She and a bunch of other world class folk and old time groups will be performing at the Birchmere on Saturday and leading a banjo workshop in Takoma on Saturday.

So, if you've ever thought that this land was made for you and me... check out the show or at least the Prism :halo:

Btw, I put up her segment early so feel free to preview that part of the show.


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Is the world really ending in two weeks and if so, is that why we’re starting to find an abundance of water everywhere in the Solar System? Why does the time it takes to get to someplace new feel so much longer than the time it takes to get back home? Why is the sky blue?

Every look through the Prism provides a new answer. Welcome to the Prism. Today, we gaze through the crystal to examine a mural in Guatemala whose calculus suggests that the Mayan Calendar may be missing a couple of pages, a reason why a rabbit would never want to burrow on Jupiter’s moon for a drink of water, and why that shampoo might just make you look fat… but first, we take a look at a chemistry kit that may just change the world of medicine forever.

You are entering the world of the Prism.

Starting at 6:00 pm EST on VOR (voicerussia.com)

(I'll put up the links when they are available)

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Ancient Mural in Guatemala provides possibility that Earth May Just have a Few More Days to Go.


Scientists identify a liquid ocean under 200 km of Icy Crust on Saturn's Moon Titan


New Chemical Tool Kit could save millions in Pharma R&D as well as speed up compound development


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Here are two more...

In less than 20 years, 90% of the energy grid could be fueled by alternatives in a cheaper and more cost effective manner. Holy Ozone, Batman!


If you want to see a traditional yet novel Christmas Play I highly recommend Olney's Christmas Carole... it's a one-man version starring Paul Morella and the script is 95% Dickens making it literally the story come to life.


Edit: by the way: My computer piece was the second most listened to piece last week on VoR. Pretty cool. I have no qualms being beat out by President Obama speaking out on Sandyhook. Situation still upsets me and the NRA presser depressed me quite a bit. These two though show a bit of the better side of humanity.

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I thought the name Prism was going away?

That's what I was told. They asked me to come up with some other names and said they would pick one that the lawyers said was clear and then get back to me. In the interim I could keep the name.

They never came back to me which is okay in my book because I love the name. It gives me the latitude to cover everything and I think it's something people immediately understand.

So, I'm certainly not going to press them. :cool:

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Today, we discover that we could learn something from the Bonobos. These great apes have sharing down and will even share with strangers before their own family members or members of their community. Also, we go 20,000 Leagues under the sea (well, not quite, but pretty deep) with ORCA's Eddie Widder who was part of the first crew to ever film a giant squid in its native habitat, and finally, we find a unique Martian Meteorite that is unlike almost any other that has come to Earth.

All this on the Prism starting at 6pm on VOR.

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