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USAT: Lost cellphones added up fast in 2011


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Lost cellphones added up fast in 2011

Americans lost about $30 billion worth of mobile phones last year, says a new industry report.

More phones were lost in Philadelphia than any other U.S. city, says the report by mobile security firm Lookout Labs. The company based its findings on data from 15 million users who downloaded its app that locates lost devices.

San Franciscans and New Yorkers lose their phones three times more often than Chicagoans, it says. Top five cities in the U.S. for phone loss during 2011 were Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and Newark.

The study points out that four of the 10 cities with the highest rates of lost and stolen phones — Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland and Newark — also were among the 10 cities with the highest crime rates.

Last year, Lookout's app located 9 million lost smartphones, or one phone every 3.5 seconds. Based on the sample data, Lookout concludes Americans lose a phone, on average, once a year.

"Each day, $7 million worth of phones are lost by Lookout users alone, and if unrecovered, it would take a significant toll not only on our wallets, but on our psyche, too," says Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder of Lookout.

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