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During the dominating era of the 80′s and early 90′s, the Redskins were known as one of the most powerful teams in the NFL. The entire city of Washington D.C was behind them and fans took pride in claiming to root for the burgundy and gold. Their logo and other Redskins gear made it in movies, such as “D.C Taxi” and “National Lampoons Vacation,” as well as all over the city and county.

When teams saw Washington on their schedule, they knew they were in for a 60 minute fight of their lives at least once during the season.

Since then, things have changed, dramatically. Washington D.C is gaining more Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Steelers fans. You’re lucky to find a Redskins flag flying or piece of gear anywhere in a store – and it’s hard to find somebody who claims to be a Redskins fans like they used to. The team has turned into constant mistakes of throwing money at past their prime veterans or the drafting of players who have been overrated.

All of that is about to change.

Since Joe Gibbs left (both times), the Redskins have been looking for “their guy.” Through the many mistakes of Steve Spurrier, Norv Turner and Jim Zorn, the Redskins may have finally found him in Mike Shanahan. Shanahan is a coach that doesn’t take trouble from anyone (see Albert Haynesworth), but also knows when to correct a mistake he’s made (see Donovan McNabb). Not to mention the plan he has and the types of players he’s bringing in to ensure that it works.

After just two full seasons in Washington, Mike Shanahan has done something all three of those coaches failed to do. He’s turned the image of the Washington Redskins around to not only the fans, but also the media and NFL. A place one known for past their prime veterans and massive contracts are gone. He’s made it quite clear if you’re going to come to Washington, you are not only going to play like a professional, but you’re also going to act like one.

Besides all of that, Mike Shanahan has cleaned out the majority of Zorn and Cerrato’s mistakes. The players on the roster today want to play, they try and never give up. From 00:01-60:00 you know you’re going to get a hard-hitting and determined football team – and though they may not win every time, they will give you 100% effort on the field.

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