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Per Rich Tandler/CSN twitter - Mike Sellers released


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hate to see another familiar name leaving but its no surprise and for the best anyway

I don't. The names on this team the last decade, for the most part, have been synonymous with "losers". And I mean that in an attitude/work ethic/etc. way, not in an off-the-field personality way, just before someone jumps off a cliff with this. And it wasn't all the coaching staff and FO. We are bringing in a different breed of player, and even if he was 27, Sellers wouldn't fit much longer.

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i'm a Mike Sellers fan, but no way does he belong in the Ring of Fame. on the team right now, only London Fletcher would get my vote (if he counts as "on the team"...)

It's been a rough 14 years, and Sellers has been around and back off and on for all 14, so I'll forgive those who can't remember much better. About the only guy who makes it from the Snyder years is, well, 28... a guy from well before the Snyder years. Just Googled -- Harvey was 94-98. Wow, it's been some really thin years around DC recently. I guess you could put Samuels in there if you wanted, but that's pushing it.

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