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Steve Hutchinson released


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I pretty much looked all day for this thread here and the stadium.

What can someone say about what he has left in the tank. Obviously we need help at G, but a zone scheme probably not what he's specializing in at this point of his career. But, he can pobably still bang it around and on strong side plays, I gotta think it's adding nice depth for a year or two at the right price.

Don't get me wrong, think G is as big a need as WR at this point. I say this because, to me, all the WR's are basically the same that are available via FA. People going nuts over VJax, I think he's done. He'll sign this contract and be off into the sunset. Give me a younger, more 'needy' WR. But we certainly need to upgrade at G- Nicks or Grubbs is a must IMO.

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Ended last two seasons on IR. Done.


His last really good season was in 2008, followed by a decent year, where he continued to get All-Pro type of recognition due to his name, in 2009. By 2010 he was going downhill quickly, and then he hit his IR streak.

He's had a monster career but he's washed up at this point.

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