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OakLawn Patch (Blog?): Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust Never Happened'


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Lots more quote-worthy goodies at link.

(Didn't want to deprive anybody else of the fun of discovering some of these.)

Art Jones, who hopes to challenge Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, neither denies nor repudiates his past affiliation with the neo-Nazi Party.

A congressional candidate running as a Republican in the upcoming Illinois primary says the “Holocaust never happened.”

Arthur Jones, 64, a Lyons, IL, insurance salesman who organizes family-friendly, neo-Nazi events around Adolf Hitler’s birthday, hopes to be the Republican candidate chosen to run against Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

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Sometimes I see the vast lamestream media lefty bias existing in the degree that the ambulatory braindead often pose it. I think what those lib news vendors must do is google things like "republican + retard" and then choose their material from the list. They obviously are not searching as hard for the democratic idjits. Right?

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I suspect, Bang, he hates minorities more than "just" Jews. Thus, his affiliation with the old white male party is appropriate.


Hey,dude, keep in mind if you add "Christian" to old (well, over 30 anyway), white & male, you're talking about a demographic that many seem to feel is quite oppressed. Nobuddy noze da trubble dey seen.

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"While Jones said Wolf was Jewish, [Wolf] is Presbyterian."

For some reason this made me laugh out loud.

When in doubt, blame it on the Jews, even if a five second google search will prove otherwise.

The guy isn't just a whack job, he's an incompetent and/or lazy whack job.

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Nutjobs run for office everywhere. His choice of affiliation is amusing, since one of the republican crown jewels is support of Israel.



Trying to pin this on the GOP is lame.

Bang is right, of course, but no one is "trying to pin this on the GOP." At least not in this thread. We are just giggling at the nutter.

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Actually, Duke ran as both a Democrat in 1988 and a Republican in 1992.

Don't forget Fred Phelps...

Phelps remained prominent in state and local politics, working for years as a major organizer for the state's Democratic Party. (He still calls himself a Democrat, refusing to change just because his party has.) In 1988, Phelps housed campaign workers for Al Gore's first presidential run; in 1989, his eldest son, Fred Jr., hosted a fundraiser for Gore's Senate campaign at his home.

Phelps has frequently run for public office -- for governor in 1990, '94, and '98, for the Senate in '92 -- always losing the primaries by a landslide. Because of their years as loyal Democrats, the Phelpses have even been invited to -- and attended -- both of Clinton's inaugurations.

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David Duke ran as a Republican. These guys sure aren't running as Democrats. I wonder why?, she asked oh so innocently.

Uh, there was this Grandmaster Klansmen named Robert Byrd who used the "n" word once on the Senate floor and as long longtime head of Senate Appropriations was one of the most powerful men in congress until the GOP took control of both houses in '94.

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If I recall correctly, wasn't th e most prominent NeoNazi from Illinois, and reputedly 1/4 Jewish? I think he eventually got busted for pedophilia. Just going from memory here...

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Uh, there was this Grandmaster Klansmen named Robert Byrd who used the "n" word once on the Senate floor...

I think that is an urban legend, although Byrd definitely was in the Klan and opposed desegregation in the early 1960s.

For whatever it's worth, Robert Byrd was a completely different person in the 1940s-60s than he was by the 1980s and 90s, especially on issues of race.

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From the same paper, just last week:


Youth Baseball League President Suspended for 'Racist' Facebook Comment
Kelly told Patch that he made the comment out of frustration that Houston, who publicly battled drug addiction throughout her singing career, was being elevated as children’s role model by the news media.

“I'm so sick if reading about this dumb stupid N----- Whitney Houston..she's the dumb ass that decided to do drugs n kill herself stay with that woman beater ... she blew more $$ up her nose than most of ye will make in yer lifetime ... there are kids dying real fathers n mothers fighting for their lives...grow up ye dumb assess...think she'd give a flying f--- about u???? Just saying.”

Kelly, who ran unsuccessfully in the 2008 Democratic primary for Cook County Recorder of Deeds, admits to posting the comment on his Facebook page.

Just being fair.

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