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The last movie you saw......GO! (After you read the OP!!!!)


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Drive....it was pretty good

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Chronicle (2012)

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Was really excited to see this movie bc I was intrigued by the plot. Overall, I was satisfied with the story. The development of the main character was pretty clear if not very complex. And while I don't think the concept was especially unique, it was much more interesting to me than, say, Jumpers. Had much more of a comic movie feel.

The whole movie is from the first-person point of view (kid filming his life). I generally find this annoying, but shaky cam wasn't an issue, and they actually found some creative ways to make it work so I didn't feel like I was watching Cloverfield part 2.

I did think the acting left something to be desired, but I think that's a product of it being a documentary/first person POV style.

Its doing really well on rotten tomatoes. I want to see it.

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Watched a documentary about "A Tribe Called Quest". Didn't pay attention to the name, sorry.

It was on tv last night and was done pretty well. Leaves you wondering about who is telling the truth about the whole situation with the break up.

'Beats, Rhymes and Life' , I thought it was great

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I watched Xala for my Lit&Cinema class. I liked the book and I liked the movie, the subtitles were hard to read sometimes though.

Oh, straight from Wiki

"Xala is a 1975 Senegalese film directed by Ousmane Sembène. It is an adaptation of Sembène's own 1973 novel of the same name. The film depicts El Hadji, a politician in Senegal, who is cursed with crippling erectile dysfunction upon the day of his marriage to his third wife. The film satirizes the corruption in African post-independence governments couples with extreme penile failure; El Hadji's impotence symbolizes the failure of such governments to be useful at all. The film ranked #83 in Empire magazines "'The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema" in 2010'"

It satirized Western culture too.

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'Beats, Rhymes and Life' , I thought it was great

Thanks. I was so involved in what they were saying that I didn't think to hit info on the remote.

It was a really good piece about the group with lots of interesting takes on the situations throughout.

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saw it on Showtime this weekend.. indie movie about giant alien monsters in Mexico..

You were way too kind with your review. Waaaay too kind.

When the wife and I get a weekend night free, we often head to walmart or somethin and go dvd shoppin. I pick one, she picks one. I tend to go after stuff I've been wanting to see, she tends to pick stuff that "looks interesting'.

She picked that one.

We watched that whole ****ing thing, thinking "Its just GOT to get better, right?!!". Well, it doesn't. About the fourth time the camera followed yet another 5 minute, quiet, no dialogue havin, artsy introspective vehicle ride, with NOTHING happening, I threw my wife out a window.

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Watched Point Blank recently. French movie about a man who's wife is kidnapped after he stops an assassination attempt on a patient in the hospital where he works as a nurse. Bad guys tell him he has to get the guy out of the hospital and deliver him to them, or they'll kill her. The plot was kind of a cliche "We have your _______, don't call the cops or they die" ransom type deal, but it was very well done and not totally predictable.

I was expecting some cheesy B movie but wound up being pleasantly surprised by this film. Almost reminded me a bit of Cloverfield. Only thing that sucks is having to read sub titles for the entire movie.

I really liked that movie. They didn't try to make it too serious, which is good, because it's hard to make a serious movie about giant semi-retarded trolls.

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Breaking Da......sorry I can't finish it. My wife wanted to watch all the Twilig......can't do it won't do it. It was a compromise we made so I could get her to watch some movies I wanted to see.

The movies are cheesy as ****. Kristen Stewart looks like she is about to **** herself in ALL of them. Robert Pattinson is a gay vampire I swear it. Taylor Lautner is just jealous. Ashley Greene (Alice) and Nikki Reed (Rosalee) are super hot vampires to look at though. I'm Team Alice BTW.

I see the allure for women that have vampire fetishes. It started with Buffy but the show didn't take itself seriously and neither does True Blood. Both are bat **** crazy where as the Twilight movies are too dramatic.

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