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an upcoming challenge...


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the Pats game will be interesting for many reasons.

1. it will be a tremendous challenge for young Ramsey (thank God we've finally got a QB!) because Belichek confuses and defeats even veteran QB's and the very best offenses. Ramsey hasn't had one of those 'awful' games yet,...the kind all young signalcallers have.


2. the redskins seem to think that they will very soon put their penchant for penalties and mental errors behind them. maybe they are right but i suspect it will take more time than they would like.


3. the Pats spread the ball around to many competent players rather than a few big stars. this will be a major challenge for the 'D'. they must play together and put pressure on the qb the latter of which is not our strength.


4. i think one effective way to beat the Pats is to run between the tackles but i don't know if we will do that enough.


5. i hope the skins a truly committed to getting better because they could easily be 0 - 3. we have gotten glimpses of great promise but there is much room for improvement.


6. i respect the Pats and their fine coaching staff and this will not be an easy game. But 2 straight home losses cannot be allowed to happen.


7. we will win.

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