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I think it will be an open competition if Hightower is re-signed. It's not like the days of Gale Sayers when a knee injury ruins your career. Willis McGahee is proof of that. His knee was ripped in 3 places in the NCG.

Good point. I like Highower. He is a leader and a gamer

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I like the bit about Evan Royster.

Royster's per carry average speaks to his skills. He sees the field well, gets the yards that are there, keeps his feet moving, and falls forward. He may not be the most physically gifted athlete, but what separates him from the pack is his instinct. He is, quite simply, a natural. I have been saying this since we drafted him.

Royster will not necessarily wow you, but he will be quite productive anyway. I look for Royster to get more carries and continue putting up impressive numbers.

Totally agree. I'll go out on a limb and call him the best back on our roster going into the offseason.

Nothing against Hightower or Helu. I think we're sitting pretty in the backfield, and I am further bouyed by the performance of our backup OL in the running game going down the stretch.

I daresay we have the makings of a top rushing attack in the NFL.

It's nice to finally have some reasons to argue over who's best, rather than who's the least worrisome.


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