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I am no longer a virgin! (A White House Thread)


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Covered my first White House event today in the East Room. It was really cool and the President was in good light spirits. What a fun event and what amazing kids. From a homeless girl who did an amazing study on marine biology to a Tex-Arkansas kid who developed a hundred dollar radiation detector that was more sensitive than the 500,000 dollar models the DOD uses and uses H20 instead of HE3.

Just a really cool experience all around... and politics aside, there is something very prideful and amazing about being in that room. The symbolism, history, and office just fills you up. This was the closest I've gotten to a President since Ronald Reagan and I went to the theatre together to see Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center.

Here's a nerd pic I took from the podium that the Press Secretary uses.


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Thanks all. As much as I like to talk politics in ES, I'm not a particularly politicall person in real life... so this was probably the perfect event for me. Only thing better would have been if there were a Q&A or if I got a one on one with the President. That'd be utterly insane.

As it was, it was still quite special and maybe even better because there were no barbed comments or partisan sniping, no attempts at trip-ups or gotchas.

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That is really cool.

Brings to mind the only time I ever got to see a live president. My dad brought a friend and I to Cub Scout day at the white house on the back lawn in 1977 and got to see President Carter. We were about as far back as you could possibly get and a tiny guy appeared on the horizon and spoke to the crowd - dont remember what he said but it was really cool.

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