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Burgundy Blog: Caption this pic of a 'Skins fan's tag


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The guy obviously took his car up to 88 mph and knows we will be signing Peyton

---------- Post added February-6th-2012 at 09:30 PM ----------

hey want to hear a sobering thought? Devin ****ing thomas has a super bowl ring.

and he did almost nothing to earn it, so it's more bittersweet. Did he even set foot on the field during the game yesterday?

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so does Byron Leftwich, what's your point?

haha. Yeah this. I was just about to say "Yeah so does Chase Daniels and Mark Brunell....so what?" Having a super bowl ring isn't worth a whole lot if you just rode the bench all day or in Devin's case just sprint down the field to try and tackle someone 3-4 times a game. *twirling finger in the air*

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