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NFL will help 49ers pay for new stadium in Santa Clara


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The team and Santa Clara announced in December that they'd received an $850 million loan to cover most of the estimated $1 billion cost

The rest of the cost will be covered by the league's loan ($200 million), a hotel tax and Santa Clara's redevelopment funds.

Hey, here's an idea, why doesn't the TEAM pay for it :idea:

You know, like the Giants/Jets did. Unfortunately, it's all too rare :(

I hate sports extortion :mad:

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Giants and Jets are 2 teams. Unless you want the Raiders to help out. I just don't understand why it takes so much money to build a stadium. 1 Billion dollars? People in Santa Clara won't even feel the hotel tax. It comes from tourists. I lived in Florida for many years and they were always raising the bed tax on hotels all the time to pay for something. I never even noticed it.

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