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January 19, 2012 CNN Republican Presidential Primary Debate


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The crowd roars for Newt and starts cheering his name after he says he doesn't want to address his ex-wife's claims but he will.

He addresses them by bashing the media and the moderators.

The crowd goes wild for him.

Did he call them Untermensch?

(Godwin's law broken in the first ten posts :silly: )

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Once again, Paul gets credit for tying to talk policy/ideology substance instead of Fox News Greatest Hits of Conservative Sound Bytes

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Well, Newt at least got a little specific too

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Did he just say, "Threw up my career?" lol

Sure sounded like it.

(I know he probably said/meant "throughout")

Oooh, Adam Smith reference. lol.

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Oh boy, giving Paul a question on veterans....this will be interesting.

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Was that woman in the audience sleeping?

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Santorum: Obama wants to bankrupt veterans "and that's disgusting!"

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Am I the only one who thinks this mantra-ing of the word "Obamacare" is just freaking retarded?

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newt had a good line there with "elect us and your kids can move out and find work"

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Santorum with the health care smackdown on both Romney and Gingrich! Wow.

Romney gave a pretty good rebuttal though.

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Rick and Newt are going at it a bit now. LOL

Paul is probably getting bored.

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Ah, yes the wonderful times, "before we had any government"

Paul must be older than I thought.

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Wow, this is getting harsh. I thought it killed CNN's feed for a second.

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Whoa...what just happened?

(Romey was speechless or something)

I stepped out of the room for a second.

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Paul says he has no intention of releasing his tax records.

Jokes that he doesn't want to be embarassed in comparison to the rich guys on stage.

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