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Without question, Redskins make the best personell men


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Well, maybe there is a question, but I just read that Raleigh McKenzie was the GM for the Raiders and I think that makes four or five ex-Gibbs Redskins who are currently highly placed personel men in the NFL if not the outright GMs/decisionmakers.

Kinda cool, but also frustrating when you think of all the years that we had Vinny when we could have had Martin Mayhew who did such an amazing job with the Lions or one of the others.

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Raleigh McKenzie (born February 8, 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee) is a former American football player in the National Football League who played guard for the Washington Redskins from 1985 to 1994. McKenzie was the epitome of the "Hogs" depth amidst the Redskins famed 1980s and early 1990s offensive line.

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Ahh ... Burgold, you have a little something on your face ... not there ... no, not there .... there ... you got it.


Would have been a nice thread, though. :)

In fact, I am still amazed by the number of "successful" players from the Gibbs era - Grimm, Stink, May, Walker, ...

:helmet: The Rook

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Pretty sure Raleigh wasn't a Redskin, it was his brother that played for us.

thats okay, it happens.....Raleigh was the Redskin just not the Gm...


When Raleigh McKenzie was drafted in 1985, he was just supposed to be a depth addition to "The Hogs." At first, he was.

Then, as it were in the NFL, he found himself filling in at literally every position on the offensive line, but he excelled at center.

McKenzie played for nine years as the wild card of the Hogs, and won Super Bowls XXII and XXVI in the Joe Gibbs era.

Notable Accomplishments: two-time Super Bowl Winner (XXII, XXVI), 70 Greatest Redskins

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