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Is Jacobs going to play this Sunday?


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Well Jacobs is medically cleared and will be suited up. Spurrier said he is going into the game as the #5 reciever, but I honestly think that will mean nothing after he makes his first deep route catch. Teams already have had their hands full with Coles/Gardner/McCants......add a healthy and hungry player like Jacobs to the mix that can help spread out a defense and it spells disaster for an opposing Defense.

I can't wait to see the guy get his first catch.

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Just to add. It should help put Jacobs a LOT, the fact the he is coming into an offense to contribute, not to be a savior. I mean Coles is THE MAN, Gardner is probably one of the best #2's in the league. And McCants is a decent #3 that seems to come up with big plays. This should help ease Jacobs into the offense and even possible cause secondaries to soften their coverage on him at times.

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