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Ranking the Past 20 Redskins Seasons


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Kleese, I like your gutsy choice of putting the 1992 team at #2. That team had SO many injuries. The last gasp of an old team dying hard. That win over the Cowboys in Week 14 was awesome, far more impressive than anything the '99 team managed during it's run. Being a spoiled fan back in the 80s and early 90s I was very disappointed with our team that year, but looking back now, I think that may have been the single most impressive coaching job of Gibbs' career. We had no business winning more than about 5 games that year and Gibbs squeezed blood out of a stone to get us into the playoffs. I would have put '99 as my #2, but you've certainly given me pause. I may just agree with you on that.

If you could somehow arrange a game between the Redskins that took the field in SF in January of 1993 against the Redskins that took the field in TB against the Bucs in January of 2000, I would bet the HOUSE on the 1992 team. Much, much better defense and much, much better coaching. Offensively that 1999 was more explosive on paper, but the majority of the "exploding" that team did was in the first 5-6 weeks of the season. Tailed off quite a bit after that.

Also, the 1992 got eliminated from the playoffs in a close game by a team quarterbacked by Steve Young. The 1999 team got ousted by Shaun King.

I LIKED the 1992 team much better than the 1999 version, but I also think they were a superior team.

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Hey this is depressing.

All but 9 of the 32 NFL teams have been in a conference championship game since 1999, the year Snyder took over the Redskins:










the list gets smaller if you do it since 1992. The Redskins would still be on that list too.

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I dunno Ed.....the '05 team lost a game at home to the Raiders coached by Norv.

That alone should give the nod to the '99 team.

The '99 team got swept by the Cowboys, including a heartbreak loss at the end of the game at home and a crushing defeat on the road.

The '05 team swept the Cowboys, including a thrilling win at the end of the game on the road and a crushing victory at home.

That alone should give the nod to the '05 team.

EDIT: I see kleese beat me to it. :) In that case let me add to that the loss to the 5-11 Philadelphia Eagles in '99.

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