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Jets players want Manning not Sanchez- What value is there in Sanchez

The Hangman- C_Hanburger

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No no no no no.

He is leftovers of a non-playoff team thats better than we are. I'm tired of eating leftovers. If you don't want to be the homeless team of the NFL you have to stop eating leftovers.

Just to play Devil's advocate, would you have said the same about Drew Brees or Matt Schaub?

I don't want Sanchez, but blanket statements never make sense.

They're a non-playoff team who's running game fell off the side of the planet, but were a game away from the Super Bowl the last two straight seasons.

They have a blowhard coach who has put so much pressure on his team with his mouth that they've cracked.

Talk about dysfunctional.. Sanchez has not had the time it requires a lot of quarterbacks to adjust to the NFL.

He's in the largest market, the biggest fishbowl of all, and he's got a coach who is promising everyone this kid will win the Super Bowl every single year. (He's called "The Sanchise" from day ONE.)

Ryan removed the power from the team to choose captains, and inserted them himsxelf,, and he chose some piss poor choices. Chief among them Santonio Holmes, who has publicly criticized his QB multiple times.

I wonder how many people saw Michael Irvin call out Holmes on NFLN this past weekend?

He was 100% correct in his blasting, and a great blasting it was. If anyone would like, I have the audio of it and can post it or email it so you can hear.

(I swear,, I HATE that Irvin played for Dallas. I love him on TV.. his passion is still there, and man, if we had some guys on our offense with the kind of fire he still has... we'd be fortunate.)

Sanchez is what I'd call "damaged goods". What Rex Ryan is showing you is a prime lesson on how to NOT handle a young quarterback.

And again, I don't want damaged goods, but for everyone to just blanketly pan him without seeing anything beyond that is not doing anyone reading the thread any service.

There are plenty of "leftovers" that help teams succeed.

Willis McGahee is a leftover, and he's helped the Broncos be the top rushing team in the NFL.

Andre Gurode is a leftover, and he's helped the Ravens offensive line.

Antrel Rolle is a leftover, and has been a solid addition to the Giants defense.

Bernard Pollard is a leftover, and he's helped the Ravens be one of the best pass defenses in the NFL.

Wade Smith is a leftover guard who's made the rounds, and he's helped the Texans become the 2nd best rushing team in the NFL.

(Granted, one of the chief similarities among all the teams who made the playoffs is how FEW free agents they have starting.)

On our own team we have a leftover named Fletcher...

The point is I totally agree we need to grow our own talent, and I know that we have been burned by bad free agent moves in the past, but we can't let it sour us to objectively looking at potential players we can use.

I don't want Sanchez, but I am not against looking at every possible candidate for almost every position on the team just because someone else doesn't want them.


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I wonder if the 49ers players would have voted to cash in Alex Smith a year or two ago?

Rex Ryan puts way too much pressure on the guy. He hasn't performed as of yet up to what would be expected, but I think Ryan and all his bluster raises the bar of expectation too high.

The Jets need to realize that the other 52 guys are just as much failures as Sanchez was this year.

By all accounts that locker room is as dysfunctional as can be. I would not take what anyone says within it to heart. They take on the personality of their coach, blowhards who don't know when to shut their collective yap.

Go play golf and shut up, losers.


Excellently put, I'd also say that Mark Sanchez puts pressure on himself by sucking.

Actually, I think all the stuff that's come out this offseason is Greg McElroy's master plan to take over the starting job.:evilg:

Also, it's snowing, golf is not an option for me :(

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I think Sanchez would work well in our system. He is really accurate on the run. lol. Half joking...I wouldn't mind him under Shanny.

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I don't know...I'm disinclined to just dismiss Sanchez. I mean, he's not great by any means, but I think if he were here instead of New York, he'd be better. Brian Schottenheimer has one of the most unimaginative offensive schemes I've ever seen. It's why whenever someone complains about Kyle I just shake my head and think about how it could be so much worse. It never seemed like they adjusted to what Sanchez did well at USC. They stuck him in that bare bones Air Coryell attack and had this identity as "ground and pound" (they used to call it Marty Ball), but it seemed like every year they tried to get away from it more.

Sanchez always seems to operate best when he's rolling out and throwing on the run, or when the formality of the original pay breaks down and he can disregard whatever miserable play Schotty calls and he can just create on his own. And then Sanchez wasn't helped by the Jets not paying Braylon Edwards and cutting Jericcho Cotchery (Edwards is young and had some big plays in the 2010 playoffs, Cotchery was a reliable veteran) and replacing them with selfish players, one of which hadn't played football in two years. Oh, and that "great" offensive line was hurt when they failed to draft a replacement for Damien Woody or add any sort of legitimate depth at guard. You just get the sense that the Jets figured "Hey, we got this, no use legitimately getting better, let's Vinny Cerrato those puppy right to the Super Bowl!"

The Jets have WAY bigger issues than Sanchez. Something makes me think that he'd perform much better with this team than he ever did with the Jets. Which isn't to say I want him. But If we spent, like, a fourth round pick to bring him here and he was willing to wiggle around in the contract department, I'd take a shot. There's worse options.

I completely agree with everything you said. QFT

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Sanchez is a pretty good QB. He's not terrible. He's not great. And I think he still has room for improvement with good coaching. I'd give them a 4th... maybe... if the coaches feel like he can be a reliable backup that they can develop. Personally I think they will try to keep him to learn behind Manning if they get him.


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I'm sure we could write a thread title that reads, "Redskin Players want Manning - not Grossman"

Just about every team that didn't make the playoffs would want a healthy Peyton.

On Sanchez. If you have to trade for him, no. If you get him as a FA to compete, sure.

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