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Per Schefter: Raiders fire Hue Jackson


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That's why you don't do the Carson Palmer thing (for that price anyway). You're all in. You don't make the playoffs? Bye bye.

rolf what a mess they are

Agreed, which is why I was surprised at some of the earlier responses in this thread. When you make a crackpipe move like that, and it blows up in your face, there is just no way that you can/should keep your job.

I know he's suffered some injuries after '05, some of which have directly affected his play, but I often wonder how different things would've turned out for the Bengals, and the NFL landscape in general, if Von Oelhoffen (sp) didn't 3rd World Palmer's knee in that Wildcard game.

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I guess we'll find out soon.

Whoever does needs to make sure his contract is tight in case they go the "Raider way" again next season.

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I'm sure someone was saying the same thing when Zorn was fired. I see nothing wrong with the Raiders have done. They're starting over from scratch and Jackson is not in the future plans according from the new GM Reggie McKenzie. I'm sure you all would of had a fit if Allen kept Zorn here.

No doubt, Zorn's team regressed big time and there would have been an uproar had he stayed.

As far as the raida's go hell i would have kept Tom Cable for another year. Don't follow them that close but Hue seemed to be doing a decent job with that current roster.

Sounds like there may be a fire-sale and everything/one must go. Is there anybody on their roster that would be an upgrade to ours?

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One thing I noticed about Hue was that he had the ego of a successful veteran head coach. Only he wasn't a veteran and wasn't exactly successful or he wouldn't have been canned. That team suffered a big setback IMO when they (Hue) pulled the trigger on the Palmer trade.

That being said, couldn't have happened to a nicer fanbase outside of the Eagles fans.

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No matter where Campbell ends up, he'll have a new coach and scheme lol...

I am now a little sympathetic towards that poor guy. Just a little though.

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The fact that they have a legitimate GM there now may very well have made that job substantially more attractive than it has been at any point since Gruden left.

I absolutely agree with this.

Jackson said McKenzie wants to gut the place, and he absolutely should. Get out any of that old Al Davis loyalty and way of doing business.

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